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Balancing All Levels of Wellness Created by Elizabeth Huff Tips to advise the general population.

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1 Balancing All Levels of Wellness Created by Elizabeth Huff Tips to advise the general population

2 What Is Wellness? The definition of wellness is one that is often misunderstood or under described.  A common definition that many people think of is the lack of disease or being free from disease. Although this is an aspect of being well this does not encompass the true meaning.  According to, wellness is an active process through which people become aware and make choices toward a more successful existence There are 7 elements of wellness that are all equally important!

3 This wheel encompasses all aspects of wellness The Shape of the wheel is just as important as the content. The shape can represent a tire. If a tire is not equal around all areas it will not roll smoothly. If the wheel is equal all around it will work optimally. The same concept works for this Wellness wheel! Wellness Wheel

4 According to social wellness refers to one's ability to interact with people around them. It involves:  Using great communications skills  Having significant relationships  Respecting yourself and others and  Creating a support system that includes family members and friends. Social Wellness

5 Simple ways to optimize social wellness  Becoming more interactive with those in the community  Being comfortable with being yourself in different situations  Being able to create and uphold friendships and social links  Balancing both social and personal time efficiently How To Improve: Social Wellness

6 This includes taking care of your body to achieve and maintain optimal health. This includes considering  Alcohol Consumption  Nutrition  Exercise  Stress Management and  Sleeping Habits  Sexual Health Physical Wellness

7 How To Improve: Physical Wellness Ways to achieve and maintain physical wellness  Getting the proper amount of sleep: 6-9 hours a night  Manage your diet accurately by fueling your body with the proper foods  Value your own and others sexual values and beliefs  Understand the effects of alcohol on your own body and develop your limits and beliefs  Schedule regular doctor visits

8 This type of wellness is found once a person has the ability to find meaning in life events. It also encompasses having and showing compassion for others. Spiritual Wellness

9 In my opinion this is the least understood element of wellness. What does it really mean to be spiritual? It could mean something different for everyone. Spiritual Wellness Nature Religion Science These are just three types of concepts that a person can use to find meaning in their life events.

10 Tips to easily create a spiritual balance in your life  Creating a positive outlook on situations  Being able to explain your beliefs  Developing a sense of purpose in your life How To Improve: Spiritual Wellness

11 Occupational wellness is the ability to obtain personal enjoyment and fulfillment from our careers. I also mention educational wellness which in my opinion is interchangeable. I split this into two categories because some students do not have a career. Their career is being a full time student. Occupational & Wellness Educational Wellness

12 Occupational  Do I enjoy going to work?  Do I have good communication with co- works and my boss?  Am I able to manage my workload at work? Educational  Do I enjoy my courses?  Do I have good communication with my classmates and professors ?  Am I able to manage my workload for classes? Questions To Ask Yourself If the answer to any of these questions is no, discover how to change this. This discovery will help you achieve balance.

13 Emotional wellness means having a positive attitude toward yourself and others. It also means being able to convey your feelings through a wide range of emotions.

14 Improve self-efficacy Find ways to manage stress instead of letting it upset you Learn to laugh at yourself Emotional Wellness Click on the faces to learn more about each tip

15 You can not always control your surroundings but you can be aware of how you interact with it. As a person who is a part of a community you must consider Environmental Wellness  How you interact with others  Who you chose to interact with  How you interact with nature

16 How To Improve: Environmental Wellness The relationship between yourself and your environment is a two way road. What you put into it you should get back. Take care of your surroundings: not polluting and conserving energy You are surrounding by a healthy environment Surround yourself with positive and supportive people You are positive and supportive

17 To be intellectually well one must be open to new ideas. Use critical thinking skills to solve challenges. Be creative and curious enough to never stop learning. Intellectual Wellness

18 How To Improve: Intellectual Wellness This may be one of the easiest elements to improve on and hardest at the same time. Here are just a few ideas that may help you reach a balance.  Read for fun  Expose yourself to new ideas, people, and beliefs  Develop good study skills

19 W ays To Assess Your Wellness Level On a scale of 1 -5 5 being the highest assess yourself on the listed concepts below  Energy Level  Stress Level  Energy Level  Self-Esteem  Sleep Quality Taking note of your energy level, stress level, sleep quality and self- esteem is important for everyone who is trying to live a healthier life. It will help you notice trends and patterns so that you can adjust your plan for optimal results.

20 Each aspect of life-wellness is interconnected and dynamically affects the others. Therefore, applying  time,  effort and  care into each aspect of life-wellness will help promote the best well-rounded, well-balanced results. Achieving a healthy state of life-wellness is an active, ongoing, dynamic process of awareness, choice, and balance throughout one's life. F inal T houghts

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