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Christopher Strobel MBA (Diplom-Kaufmann) Publisher and Managing Director STROBEL VERLAG.

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1 Christopher Strobel MBA (Diplom-Kaufmann) Publisher and Managing Director STROBEL VERLAG

2 Print vs. Internet - Making magazines hotter than ever – Around 1450 - Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of the art of printing in Germany 1605 – Johann Carolus, first newspaper in Strasbourg Carolus applied for and received the first copyright protection Today - over 1 billion people daily around the world read a printed newspaper

3 80 % of Germans view their newspaper as indispensable (according to a survey in 2007) If Bill Gates had been right, the last newspaper would already have been printed 7 years ago. Tradition has a value: Trust - Reliability - Continuity - Emotionality STROBEL VERLAG – a family business with a 137 year history is today in its fifth generation

4 b-2-b-publishers have their specialist community limited to their language area – in the internet too. Good specialist magazines up to now also already offer readership participation (cf. web 2.0): - Readers' letters - Photo competitions - Specialist contributions from knowledgeable readers - Discussion events - Employment section

5  Expand your brand to web 2.0 So what is actually new in the internet? - The chance to gain spontaneous readers for the specialist magazine from other specialist areas - To service regular readers quicker and with less locational dependency (information on demand)

6 -To strengthen and increase reader community - The total reach of a media brand is noticeably extended through having an own website -To expand the range of services - Additional possibilities to sell advertising: sponsoring, advertising, lead-generation, paid content - Publishers thus extend their value-added chain in the internet

7 -The internet is used for specific searches - however – - Print media surprises and is more in-depth and is a beneficial counterbalance to working in front of the screen - Print media and online media are strong together and need each other in b-2-b - Effects of interaction: the online community can have a positive spill-over effect on the print brand (e.g. juvenescence, becoming more dynamic, brand loyalty)

8 - Tasks for the specialist publishers: To train the editors and the advertising sales department for the world of the internet - If you have good editors and something to say, the internet cannot become a danger for the print medium

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