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2 Key Ideas Rising tensions between Britain and the colonies led to outbreak of Revolutionary War As fighting continued, Americans decided to declare their independence from Britain

3 The Siege of boston General Gage and his British Troops retreat to safety of Boston… 15,000 Militiamen Surround Boston to force a surrender Second Continental Congress meets in Philadelphia – create Continental Army

4 British Fort Ticonderoga
Green Mountain Boys led by Ethan Allen Captured the fort and its weapons, cannon May 10, 1775

5 Battle of Bunker hill Colonial Militia positioned on Bunker Hill & Breeds Hill British set fire to a city close to Boston (Charlestown) then marched to Bunker Hill When British were close, colonists fought back British retreated and came back again – forced colonists off Bunker Hill British won that battle – lost 1000 British and 400 militia British General “The loss we have sustained is more than we can bear” Inexperienced militia strong as world’s most powerful army

6 The Conflict Spreads

7 OLIVE BRANCH PETITION Moderates in Congress July 1775 Document sent to London Ask King to restore harmony King Rejected colonists olive branch – Instead sent hired German soldiers to fight and British Navy to block ports

Second Continental Congress appointed Washington to be General Summer 1775 Gathered supplies Trained army Washington’s Plan– attack British in Quebec and draw Canadians into Patriot cause Benedict Arnold led this expedition – and was defeated

9 British Retreat from Boston
Stand off between British & colonial Militiamen Cannon from Fort Ticonderoga dragged over snowy mountains – January 1776 Washington placed on hill overlooking Boston – British withdrew troops on March 17, 1776 in over 100 ships

10 Rebellion becomes revolution
Common Sense – Written by Thomas Paine all men – not just landowners – deserved right to vote King nor have God’s power monarchies corrupt America follow own destiny – not Britain’s Americans start to understand why important to fight for independence

11 Continental congress resolution
May Many delegates not support independence yet Adopted resolution authorizing each of 13 colonies establish own government Not all Congress ready to part from Britain but Congress appoint committee to draft DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE

12 Thomas Jefferson composed Declaration of Independence
Two Weeks to write!! July 2, 1776 Congress voted on resolution proposed by Richard Henry Lee of Virginia and agreed to consider selves “FREE AND INDEPENDENT STATES …AND ALL POLITICAL CONNECTION (WITH) GREAT BRITAIN…TOTALLY RESOLVED.”

13 July 4, 1776 Two days later… Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence John Hancock, President of Congress, first to sign! “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

14 Read a Section of Declaration & Prepare 1 minute summary to share with class
NW – Preamble (pg 184) SW – Right of People to Control Their Government (pg ) NC – Tyrannical Acts of British King (pg ) SC- Tyrannical Acts of the British King (pg NE- Efforts of Colonies to Avoid Separation (pg 187) SE – The Colonies are Declared Free and Independent (page )


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