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Chapter 18 Sec 1 Rebuilding the Union

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1 Chapter 18 Sec 1 Rebuilding the Union

2 Reconstruction Begins
The War ended in 1865 Reconstruction was the process the federal government used to readmit the Confederate states to the union Reconstruction lasted from

3 Reconstruction Begins
Lincolns second Inauguration Speech he said, “with malice towards none and charity for all” He wanted to pardon all confederate leaders and encouraged confederate states to hold elections and send leaders to congress.

4 Reconstruction Begins
Freedman’s Bureau- set up schools, hospitals and distributed food and clothes to former slaves.

5 Reconstruction Begins
April 1865, Lincoln is killed. Andrew Johnson becomes president. He wanted to follow Lincoln’s plan for rebuilding the nation.

6 Rebuilding Brings Conflict
Some southern states refused to ratify the 13th amendment Many southern states passed “Black Codes” laws meant to restrict the rights of black people. EX: black people with no proof of employment has to work on a plantation or No black people could carry guns No black people could meet in a group without a white person supervising

7 Rebuilding Brings Conflict
Many Radical Republicans (led by C. Sumner and Thad Stevens) from the North wanted to punish the South: For secession For the war For the black codes and refusing to give black people rights.

8 The Civil Rights Act Said that all people born in the US were citizens (except Native Americans) Said all people regardless of race were entitled to equal rights. JOHNSON VETOED! Congress over rode the veto, it became a law.

9 14th Amendment Congress wanted equality in the Constitution
“equal protection under the law” President Johnson said no. Every former confederate state also refused (except Tennessee) Now Congress is MAD! Radical Reconstruction begins

10 New Southern Governments
South divided into 5 regions For a state to be readmitted: Congress would have to approve state constitutions-which must allow black men to vote State must approve the 14th amendment

11 New Southern Governments
Many southern states elected new delegates to write new constitutions. These new delegates were Republican elected by farmers who were mad at planters for starting the war. These delegates got along with northern Republicans, so they were called “Scalawags”. Some northerners moved to the south right after the war perhaps to get rich: “Carpetbaggers”

12 Johnson Impeached

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