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By Ann Gordon Deputy Chief Meteorologist UNFCCC Focal Point National Meteorological Service 4 Nov 2010.

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1 By Ann Gordon Deputy Chief Meteorologist UNFCCC Focal Point National Meteorological Service 4 Nov 2010

2  National Meteorological Service- technical advice on climate change  Representative of NMS chief technical negotiator on climate change  Belize participates:  Negotiating sessions of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change  Conferences of Parties of the UNFCCC  Sessions of the Subsidiary bodies  Regional meetings

3  AOSIS- negotiating position coordination  CCAD- Central American Commission on Environment and Development

4  In 1994- Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments in Agriculture, the Coastal Zone and Water Resources under the US Country Studies Program  In 1995- hosted the pilot phase of Activities Implemented Jointly, the Rio Bravo Carbon Sequestration Project  In 1997- hosted a regional Conference on “Climate and Health in the Intra-American Region

5  1997- Caribbean Planning Adapting to Climate Change  Later the Adapting to Climate Change in the Caribbean  1998- Enabling Activity to assist Belize in preparing for its First National Communication  2000- First National Communication  2005- Belize Climate Change Survey: Understanding People’s Attitude and Behaviour (MACC)

6  In 2007 & 2008- MACC study in the water sector  2006-2010 Second National Communication  Greenhouse Gas Inventories  Mitigation  Research and Systematic Observation  Public Education and Outreach  Vulnerability and Adaptation studies  Coastal Zone  Tourism  Health  Agriculture  Fisheries and Aquaculture  Water

7 Purpose  Advisory Role  Implementation of policies and strategies

8 Development of Integrated National policy, strategy and action plan Development of National Positions on Climate Change issues Adopt and effect a strategy for inclusion of climate change in national development plans Capacity Building, institutional and other resources needs Maintain register of climate change related projects, programmes and research activities FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES

9 Participate in and monitor resource mobilization and Implementation of national action plan Coordinate UNFCCC national communication to ensure compliance with Convention Facilitate Belize’s participation in the Convention and its mechanism Establish sub-committees Any other tasks or activities within the framework of the Convention FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES

10 Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Chief Executive Officer, MNRE National Climate Change Committee Mitigation Sub- Committee Public Education and Awareness Sub-Committee Vulnerability/ Adaptation Sub- Committee Secretariat

11  Membership:  National Government  Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (Chair)  Ministry of Finance (Vice Chair)  Ministry of Economic Development (Vice Chair)  Office of Prime Minister (Vice Chair)

12 Membership:  Policy Unit  Department of Agriculture  Fisheries Department  Forest Department  Ministry of Foreign Affairs  Ministry of Health  Belize Chamber of Commerce  Public Utilities Commission  Programme for Belize

13 Membership:  Belize Natural Energy  Belize Red Cross  University of Belize- ERI  United Nations Development Program- Observer  Caribbean Research and Development Institute- Observer  Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre- Observer  Council of Science Advisor- Observer

14 MitigationVulnerabilityAdaptationPEO Forest DepartmentNMSMED Fisheries Department OPMNEMO Ministry of FinanceMinistry of Health Coastal Zone SWMABELIZE RED CROSSMinistry of FA Ministry of Education (QUADS) PUCUB Policy Unit NMS Galen University PfBCARDI DOE Agric Department NMSPfB FD Policy Unit Fisheries DepartmentFisheries Dept University of BelizeDOENEMO Coastal Zone Management Authority Agriculture DepartmentFD Coastal Zone Management Authority Ministry of Tourism Agriculture Department Programme for Belize Ministry of TourismFisheries DepartmentProgramme for Belize

15  Approval of membership by Cabinet  Development of TOR for working groups  Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan  Implementation and Action Plan for Regional Strategy  Create a body dedicated to climate change issues


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