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Farewell to Manzanar Part I.

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1 Farewell to Manzanar Part I

2 Part I – Chapters 1-5 What is the setting when the story opens?
Why did the fishing boats return? What did Papa do the night he heard the news? Why was the FBI picking up Japanese-American fishermen? What happened to Papa two weeks later? How did he react? Why was Jeanne afraid on Terminal Island? What was Order 9066 and how did it affect the Japanese Americans? What is the public attitudes toward the Japanese-American people in California? Explain the treatment by teacher in Boyle Heights. What happened to the Wakatsuki family? Describe the conditions of the barracks.

3 Part I – Chapters 1-5 How did the War Department help the people in the camps get better clothing? Describe Jeanne’s physical condition at the camp. How is Mama coping? (think about how she is coping with using the latrines to illustrate your point) What happened in the mess halls that changed the families? Why did this happen? What work did Mama start doing? Why is she doing it? How old is the author at this point in the story? Describe the reunion with Papa. How did he look? What did the author do?

4 Part I – Chapters 1-5: Characterization
Description or Trait Words, thoughts, feelings, or actions describing character Mama (initial impression) Papa (initial impression) Jeanne (initial impression) Mama (by end of chapter 5) Papa(by end of chapter 5) Jeanne (by end of chapter 5)

5 Part I – Chapters 1-5: Analysis – you may discuss as a group; however, you will respond individually. The Watkatsukis family must make many physical and social adjustments as a result of moving to Manzanar. It is an endless cause and effect cycle in which they have little control over either one. Graphically illustrate a minimum of 4 cause and effect reactions. Then , reflect on the impact of this situation on Jeanne as well as the family (1 paragraph minimum.) By the end of chapter 5, the author reflects on how life is different for her family since the bombing at Pearl Harbor. One memory etched in her mind is that of sitting around the large dinning room table as a whole family. There were certain rituals and routines performed within the family during the meal. Now, as the family lives in Manzanar, they eat at separate times, often eating with friends rather than family. In list form, compare and contrast the family like of the Watkatsukis before Pearl Harbor with their life afterwards. Then write a one sentence explanation describing the greatest difference. As Jeanne (the author) reflects on her attendance at “Children’s Village,” she analyzes her families religious beliefs. Though the Watkatsukis did not regularly practice a religion, Papa was against Jeanne’s baptism into the Catholic faith; he stepped in to stop it. In a well developed paragraph, explain why Papa would have such a problem converting, even though she didn’t practice Buddhism.

6 Part I – Chapters 6-10 How does Jeanne as an adult see the cane that Papa brought back with him from Fort Lincoln? What job did Papa have at Fort Lincoln? Why did he have that job? The interrogator asked Papa what he thought of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. What was his response? Why were the women calling Papa “inu”? How was the attack (in chapter 8 where Papa attacked Mama) different from previous one? Why wouldn’t Papa or most other Japanese-American men talked about Fort Lincoln?

7 Part I – Chapters 6-10 Who is Fred Tayama? Why and when was he beaten?
Describe the riot – consider the causes, results, and the name of the leader…. Describe the events that took place in the reservoir shack. Add to your characterization chart of Mama, Papa, and Jeanne

8 Part I – Chapters 6-10: Analysis – you may discuss as a group; however, you will respond individually. Part I: Due tomorrow! Mama and Papa’s relationship begins as a love story. She was a beautiful young woman with distinct and attractive Japanese features. He was a Japanese traditionalist with big dreams of establishing himself in American society. Mam’s family discouraged their relationship; however, this did not stop the young lovers from finding each other and creating a life of their own. Envision Mama and Papa at the start of their relationship. Use what you know about Papa’s personality, aspirations, and family background and compose a persuasive paragraph (from Papa’s perspective) convincing mama to run away with him. Papa’s characterization is truly revealed throughout Part I of the novel, cite at minimum of five incidents or examples to support or refute the following statement: Jeanne remembers her father as a flawed man, but one who posses dignity and style. The issue of trust and betrayal is prevalent throughout this novel. Come up with a list of four incidents that describe this issue. Include a description of the circumstances describing this issue, who was impacted, and an inference of the effect on the character.

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