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2 Mega-Pixel Fish-Eye IP Camera

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1 2 Mega-Pixel Fish-Eye IP Camera

2 Product Overview Product Features Management Application Comparison
Presentation Outline Product Overview Product Features Management Application Comparison

3 2MP CMOS Sensor with Fish-Eye Lens
Product Overview Front View of ICA-HM830 Light Sensor MIC Reset Button 2MP CMOS Sensor with Fish-Eye Lens Speaker 3 / 24 3

4 Product Overview Rear View of ICA-HM830 Speaker Output
RJ-45 LAN 10/100Mbps Microphone Input DC 12V, 2A DI/DO (4/1) MicroSD Card 4 / 24 4

5 Product Feature UXGA → H.264 and M-JPEG Dual Codec
High quality 2MP CMOS sensor (UXGA resolution) UXGA 360° Fish-Eye panoramic wide angle view 360 IEEE 802.3af Standard PoE Interface External I/O Trigger for Various Surveillance Application 10 Motion Detection Area / and FTP Alert Day/Night Switch with ICR (IR-cut Filter Removable)

6 Product Features Multi-Streaming & Mobile View H.264/M-JPEG
User A can get H.264/M-JPEG, UXGA/SVGA/VGA resolution from ICA-HM830. At the same time, another user, say User B can have M-JPEG, VGA resolution view by Mobile Phone. One network camera can fit to various remote network environment at the same time. H.264/M-JPEG (UXGA) 1600 x 1200 800 x 600 640 x 480 Multi-Streaming M-JPEG (VGA) 640 x 480

7 Different Display Motion Detection Areas
Product Features 10 motion detection areas / Trigger With the support for Motion Detection, once there is any moving activity in the specified area, the camera can soon send a message to the manager by or upload recording/picture onto , FTP, Digital Output and MicroSD Card. Different Display Motion Detection Areas 10 Motion Detection Areas FTP Digital Output MicroSD Card

8 Product Feature (Display Mode)
Ceiling Mode 360° Source View with 3 PTZ 360° Broad View with 2 PTZ Quad View 180° Double Broad view 360° Source View

9 Product Feature (Display Mode)
360° Table View 180° Double Table Broad View Table Mode

10 Product Feature (Display Mode)
180° Source View with 3 PTZ 180° Broad View with 2 PTZ Wall Mode

11 Product Features 360 ° Panoramic with Digital-PTZ
The 360° Fish-Eye panoramic wide angle view with Digital PTZ function, auto pan and auto patrol without moving parts, can replace traditional  PTZ camera and thus save lost of traditional mechanical Pan/Tilt maintain cost.

12 Product Features IR-Cut Removable (ICR)
With ICR features, ICA-HM830 can better video quality in the low light environments. Color image in day time, black & white image in dark place. ICR (IR-Cut Removable). (自動機械式紅外光截止濾片切換) 白天時候, IR-Cut Removable 會自動放下來,濾除掉的紅外光; 晚上時候, IR-Cut Removable 會自動放拿掉, 藉由周遭的紅外線補光.

13 Product Features 2-Way Audio Support 2-way Audio
With 2-Way audio function, IP camera becomes a bridge that helps users to talk to other people. Via IP cameras, users can easily communicate to each other no mater for a international meeting or a personal chat. The ICA-HM830 built-in MIC and Speaker, also supports connect external MIC and Speaker too. Built-in Speaker & MIC 2-Way Audio

14 Product Features Built-in MicroSD Slot for record storage
Supported one MicroSD memory card slot for localized event and schedule recording of video stream locally to the IP camera. Schedule Recording

15 Product Feature Compliant with IEEE-802.3af standard PoE interface
IEEEE802.3af support makes the camera can be installed anywhere without the need for additional power socket for the IP camera. It assist in locating cameras in places where there are no power outlet.

16 Management View Video & Administration Video Information Display Mode
System Setting Menu Multi Language Show Actual Image Size Trigger button Record / Snapshot 2-Way Audio Full Screen View Screen

17 2MP Fish-Eye Lens Ceiling Mode
Application Provide various surveillance applications 2MP Fish-Eye Lens Ceiling Mode Cam Viewer 3 Central Management PoE Table Mode Dual Streams Simultaneously Wall/Ceiling Mode

18 Product Compare Camera Model 360° Panoramic View Max Res FPS Max Codec
PLANET ICA-HM830 Mobotix Q24M-SEC-D11 Geovision GV-FE110 360° Panoramic View Hardware Software Max Res 2MP 3MP 1.3MP FPS Max 15 Codec H.264, MJPEG MJPEG, MxPEG H.264, MJPEG, MPEG-4 Multi-Stream Yes - Sensor Size 1/3" 1/2" GPIO (DI/DO) 4 inputs / 1 output 1 input / 1 output Day/Night Yes (ICR) PoE 2-Way Audio Local storage Micro SD Wireless ICA-HM830W Water Proof (IP66) ICA-HM835

19 Appendix Sales Target Target Markets Target Customers ICA-HM130
Hotel / Bank / Retail Store lobby SMB / Enterprise IP Surveillance System Integrator Target Customers Who buy our Indoor Dome ICA-HM130 ICA-HM131 Who buy our Indoor PTZ IP Camera ICA-HM230 ICA-H610 Who buys CV3P or NVR NVR-401 NVR-810 NVR-1610


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