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© ABB AB, Corporate Research - 1 5/19/2015 abb Project Breakdown Structure Creation.

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1 © ABB AB, Corporate Research - 1 5/19/2015 abb Project Breakdown Structure Creation

2 © ABB AB, Corporate Research - 2 abb Project Planning Course Overview Project Planning Overview Facilitating Processes Project Planning Pre-conditions Risk Management Work Breakdown Structure Project Breakdown Structure Estimation Resource Planning Logical Network Plan Budgeting Time Schedule Project Planning Result Product Anatomy Organic Integration Plan Integration Plan

3 © ABB AB, Corporate Research - 3 abb Purpose The Project Breakdown Structure (PBS) defines all Work Products, produced by a project. The purpose is to first focus on what the project shall produce, not the activities to perform.

4 © ABB AB, Corporate Research - 4 abb Input & Output INPUT Product Requirements Specification Project Breakdown Structure from earlier versions of the product and previous projects, if available Know-how from experienced personnel Architecture Organizational Demands OUTPUT Project Breakdown Structure including; Technical Product Breakdown Structure Management Product Breakdown Structure Quality Product Breakdown Structure The PBS is used as input when defining the Work Breakdown Structure later in the planning process.

5 © ABB AB, Corporate Research - 5 abb Work Products A project always delivers tangible things like documents, code, models, executables, plans etc. which all are Work Products. Some examples; Customer deliverables software on a CD-ROM, user documentation etc. Software components source code files, DLLs, executables etc. Development components design models, prototypes, tools etc. Management artifacts plans, budgets, progress reports etc. Quality assessment artifacts test results, inspection reports etc.

6 © ABB AB, Corporate Research - 6 abb Project Breakdown Structure The Project Breakdown Structure should identify all Work Products of the project and the final product. The highest level represents the total set of Work Products. At the lowest level every Work Product is either a Management Product, a Technical Product or a Quality Product.

7 © ABB AB, Corporate Research - 7 abb Requirement-Work Product traceability matrix X XX X XX X X X X X X Req 1 Req 2 Req 3 Req 4 Req 5 Req 6 Req 7 Req 8 Req 9 Req 10 WP 1 WP 2 WP 3 WP 4 WP 5 WP 6 WP 7 WP 8 WP 9 WP 10

8 © ABB AB, Corporate Research - 8 abb Management Work Products The Management Work Products are those that; Assist in project management and control issues Gives the answer to the business requirements Typical Management Work Products are; Requirement specifications Project plans Risk list Status reports Budget specification Project (gate) assessments Minutes of meetings

9 © ABB AB, Corporate Research - 9 abb Technical Work Products The Technical Work Products are; Project deliverables, i.e. the final product Intermediate products needed during development The answer to the technical requirements Typical Technical Work Products are; Hardware and Software User documentation Prototypes Design models Education products Testing products Executables

10 © ABB AB, Corporate Research - 10 abb Quality Work Products The Quality Work Products; Exists to define, assure, verify and record quality issues Gives the answer to the quality requirements Typical Quality Work Products are; Test records Inspection (review) records Error (problem) reports Follow-up reports

11 © ABB AB, Corporate Research - 11 abb Summary The Project Breakdown Structure is a tree structure reflecting the Work Products on all levels produced by a project. The Project Breakdown Structure should contain all the items included in the final product, needed to build the final product and needed to support the development of the final product. The Work Breakdown Structure is later identified by defining what activities are needed to produce the Work Products to the required quality.

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13 © ABB AB, Corporate Research - 13 abb Revisions Rev.New Slide (N) Slide (S) DescriptionDate Dept./Init. 04AllUpdate from Version C 2004-01-08/ Fredrik Ekdahl 05Page17Planning package should not include the work product… picture redrawn 2005-01-12 / Christer Persson

14 © ABB AB, Corporate Research - 14 abb Relation between PBS & WBS PBS WBS Work Product Activity Planning Package Planning Package Description What How

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