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Nrlm - shg bank linkage portal

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1 Nrlm - shg bank linkage portal

2 Importance of shg bank linkage portal
Data is sourced from the CBS source of the Banks on a monthly basis – most dynamic data available in the country Present a correct picture of the SHG-BANK linkage in the country – minimizing the layering The data can be used by all the stakeholders - Banks, SRLMs, NRLM and NABARD For Credit Planning, Review and Augmenting the SHG-bank linkage To Monitor SHG Bank linkage progress on monthly basis. Operationalization of Interest Subvention scheme in category II districts

3 Agency-wise SHG Bank Loans to SHGs (Year wise outstanding)
Sl. No Agency Loans Outstanding against SHGs - Position as on 1 Public Sector 2 Pvt. Sector 3 RRBs 4 Coop. Banks Total Source of data: Microfinance report published by NABARD

4 Master circular on data sharing – by rbi (rpcd. gssd. co. no
Every bank to share data on SHGs as per the template prescribed by NRLM. The data must directly come through CBS and must be transferred electronically to the NRLM server

5 DATA SHARING Template -1
Loan data SHG Loan A/c No Type of Loan (TL/CC) Loan Amount (for TL) / DP (for CCL) Date of Loan/ Date of Review Repayment holiday/ Moratorium ROI No of Instalments Instalment amount Repayment Frequency (M/Q/H/Y) Name of the SHG Village Block District PIN code SB Account No SB A/C Opening date IFSC Code Availed capital subsidy-(SGSY) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Y N

6 DATA SHARING Template -2
Statement of Account Loan A/C No Transaction Date Particulars Debit Credit Closing Balance Branch Code or IFSC 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

7 File Format: Flat Files in Text Mode with “|” pipe symbol as column separator
Date Format Date Format across the whole system should be YYYY-MM-DD File Naming Convention <Bank_Name>~<MMMYYYY>~<LOANS> <Bank_Name>~<MMMYYYY>~<TRANS> MMMYYYY is the month of the transactions for which the file is being sent <Loan> and <Trans> are the type of data sent in the file <Loan> - Loan Details <Trans>-Transactions related to the Loan OGB~DEC2014~ 4. Data Sharing Mode: FTP With Credentials shared by NRLM 5. File will be processed only if it satisfies all the criteria given in the Format, else the file will not be processed and the information will be passed with the File Name through automated mailing system to corresponding bankers.

8 Data Sharing – Flow Chart
Loan Info. Sharing Fetch Information Sanction Details Bank Bank TSP database Bank Server NRLM Server Acknowledgement to SHG Request send to Bank Internet Accessing Reports SHG Request loan to Bank NRLM Website

9 NRLM-SHG bank linkage home page

10 The reports are available a) Bank wise b) geographic wise
1. For all the Banks 2. For all the Banks in the state 3. For all the Banks in the District 4. For all the Branches in the Bank. 5. For all the SHGs in the Branch. Geographic wise: 1. For all the states 2. For all the districts in the state 3. For all the blocks in the district 4. For all the SHGs in the block.


12 Monitoring arrangements (R:1-Achievement report)

13 Monitoring arrangements (R:2-loan outstanding and delinquency report)

14 Monitoring arrangements (R:3-interest subvention in cat-2 districts)

15 Nrlm web-portal

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