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Parallelogram Steering Linkage

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1 Parallelogram Steering Linkage
See Chapter 9

2 Parallelogram Steering Linkage
Defined as: one in which the tie rods are mounted parellel to the lower control arms Side by Side

3 What is it used on? This type of steering linkage is used on most pickups and rear wheel drive cars

4 Components See Page - Class 205

5 It can be either way Front mounted steering linkage
Rear mounted steering linkage

6 Pitman Arm Connects the steering gear to the steering linkage

7 Pitman Arm Attached to the steering gear Pitman

8 Two styles of Pitman arms

9 Idler Arm Holds up one side of the steering linkage

10 Idler Arm

11 Different styles of idler arms used on steering linkages
Note the wear points Very high maintiance item

12 Center link Connects the Pitman to the Idler arm
Holds tie rods at the right height

13 Different Styles Center Links

14 Tie Rods

15 Tie Rod placement and length is important
It must be parellel and close to the same length in order for the toe in to stay constant during jounce and rebound

16 The MOST CRITICAL tire wearing angle

17 Tie Rod Spring loaded type
Pivot point for the linkage during turning and suspension bounce Some mechanics over sell by using a large angle headed pliers to test the tie rod end

18 Tie Rod

19 Tie Rod Sleeve Function To adjust tie rod length

20 Tie Rod Sleeve

21 Excessive toe in or toe out
Inside edge Toe out wears the inside edge Toe in wears the outside edge

22 Excessive toe in or toe out
Scuffing wears off the edge of each tread rib.

23 Tie Rod Sleeve Adjustment tool
3/8” drive

24 Dry Park Check This method is an effective way to check for worn parts which will find any problems yet does not over sell parts

25 With the full weight of the vehicle on the tires, turn the steering wheel back and forth a small amount, quickly

26 Steering arms

27 Toe out on turns

28 Another steering linkage style
What kind of burger? Another steering linkage style

29 Haltenburger Haltenburger style used on Ford pickups

30 Haltenburger Older pickups Haltenburger style used on
See Page - Class 209


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