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FGCU Sport Clubs Coaches Guide 2014-2015. Goals O Help Coaches & Advisors understand: O the structure of the Sport Clubs program O their role within a.

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1 FGCU Sport Clubs Coaches Guide 2014-2015

2 Goals O Help Coaches & Advisors understand: O the structure of the Sport Clubs program O their role within a club O relevant University policies & standards O frequently asked questions O where to find more information

3 Expectations O New coaches must: O submit volunteer packet O complete fingerprinting with University Police O All coaches must: O Review this guide each year and submit a statement of understanding

4 About Us O FGCU Sport Clubs O 27 Registered Sport Clubs, 700+ student athletes O Program in the Department of Campus Recreation O Part of the Division of Student Affairs O Sport Clubs Council (SCC) O Consists of one representative from each club O Run by elected student leaders that help shape program policies and events

5 Philosophy O Campus Recreation plays a vital role in our students’ development by providing opportunities that encourage healthy lifestyles, sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, and responsibility. O Sport Clubs provided numerous development opportunities, and not just competitive outlets. Removing the “student-run” aspect of a club would only take away those development opportunities for our students.

6 University Policies

7 Logo Usage O Eagle Head logo can be used by Sport Clubs O All items must be printed by licensed vendor O Check with club officers before printing O Design approval is required prior to printing anything with a University logo

8 Alcohol Policy O Alcohol distribution or consumption is prohibited during club-sponsored events. This includes but is not limited to the following: O Traveling to/from an event as a player or coach O While at the event site, or within the vicinity of the event, site as a player or coach O In a hotel, campsite or other team lodging O On site before/during/after practice or event O Exceptions: persons of legal age may have a drink with a meal

9 Open Membership O Due to our funding source, all Sport Clubs must have open membership to FGCU students, regardless of skill, experience or gender. O What this means: O Sport Clubs MAY NOT charge membership dues or tryout fees. Tryouts must be open to all students. O Certain fees are permitted, provided that students can opt to fundraise the amount required. Permitted fee types: O Travel Team fees – for hotel, fuel, car rental, flights, etc. O Equipment fees – for uniforms, sport specific equipment, etc. O Referee fees – for home or away games, as required by leagues O Students that wish to play at a recreational level, or do not have the talent required for the travel team, must be allowed to be join the club FOR FREE.

10 Club Membership O Community members and non-students are not permitted to be a member of a Sport Club. O FGCU Reg-ulation FGCU-PR4.005 (section C) states that student organization membership is restricted to currently enrolled students only. O Club members must complete the following forms prior to participating in any club practices, competitions or events: O participation waiver & conduct agreement (yellow form) O emergency contact form (pink form)

11 Sport Clubs Program Policies

12 Risk Management O Clubs must have 2-4 First Aid & CPR certified members, which we call safety officers, or coaches with certifications O Requirements are determined by risk level (see next slide) O Risk Level Two Requirement O 2 safety officers O Risk Level Three Requirement O 2 safety officers O and coach certificated or 1 additional safety officers O Risk Level Four Requirement O 2 safety officers O and coach certificated or 2 additional safety officers

13 Risk Levels O Level 2: O Dancing E’Gals, Lacrosse (W), Powerlifting, Swimming, Tennis O Level 3: O Baseball, Fishing, Lacrosse (M), Martial Arts, Paintball, Quidditch, Roller Hockey, Sailing, Soccer (M&W), Softball, Water Polo, Winterguard O Level 4: O Archery, Cheer, Equestrian, Hockey, Rugby (M&W), Spearfishing, Wakeboarding, Wrestling

14 Accident Reports O When do you need to report? O When an injury requires, or may require, professional attention from an Athletic Trainer, EMT, doctor or other medical professional O When there is an accident/injury or incident involving club members, other FGCU students, visiting teams or spectators - at any club event O Tell club officers to call or email us - we want to hear it from them first!

15 Concussion Policy O Baseline ImPACT Testing is required for new players prior to first competition in: O M Lacrosse, M Rugby, W Rugby, M Soccer, W Soccer, Ice Hockey, Wrestling O With a suspected head injury: O Remove the athlete from play (applies to all clubs) O Keep the athlete out of play until a *qualified physician* gives written clearance O Read full policy here: ources.html ources.html

16 Deadlines & Requirements O Deadlines for paperwork and re-registration can be found on our website’s google calendarour website’s O SCORE Points (click for handout) SCORE Points O All clubs have to meet minimum requirements in fundraising, community service, SCC meeting attendance & attending other sport club events O Elections O Coaches should not be involved in club elections. O When needed, involve the club advisor as a neutral party to count votes.

17 Finances

18 Types of Accounts University funding A&S Account Funding raised by the club Off Campus Bank Account

19 A&S Account O Two ways to receive A&S funding: O Annual A&S Budget Request – SCC’s request is reviewed by the SG Appropriations Committee each year O Senate Bill - funding requests for unforeseen costs in the middle of the year O Sport Clubs Council O Holds budget hearings with each club and presents one request for all Sport Clubs to Student Government O Budget hearings will take place September 2014 (for funding during 2015-2016) O Unused A&S funds are swept at the end of each academic year in May

20 Off Campus Account O Your Club’s Bank Account O Used for depositing funds raised by the club O Checks made out to “Eagles (club name)” can be deposited into this account O Treasurer must track deposits O Required for semesterly Financial Reports

21 Other Financial Questions O Financial Training Financial Training O Your treasurer attends this training in person, but you can review the slides on our Resource page. O Team Manual Team Manual O This is the same guide that team presidents are given each year. It has answers to many FAQ’s. O Account Balances O Please ask your treasurer; Sport Club staff will not release the information to coaches or advisors.

22 Questions? Always try to correspond with your club officers first, but please contact us when needed! Below is your club’s primary Sport Clubs staff contact person: Julia Stulock, Sport Clubs Coordinator Baseball Cheer Dancing E’Gals Fishing Hockey M Lacrosse W Lacrosse Powerlifting M Rugby W Rugby M Soccer W Soccer Spearfishing Wrestling Megan Normansell, Sport Clubs Intern Archery Equestrian Martial Arts Paintball Quidditch Roller Hockey Sailing Softball Swimming Tennis Wakeboarding Water Polo Winterguard

23 Contact Us O Sport Clubs Office Located in the Recreation Center, Alico Arena 307 O Julia ::, 239-590-7332 O Megan ::, 239-590-7478 O Website ::

24 Thank You O Thank you for working with our clubs! O Once you have finished reviewing this information: O sign and submit the coaches statement of understandingcoaches statement of understanding

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