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Human Psychology Period 6 PNEUMONIA Jasmine Miclat.

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1 Human Psychology Period 6 PNEUMONIA Jasmine Miclat

2  An infection of one or both lungs  Inflames the air sacs in one or both lungs  Caused by a bacteria, virus, or fungi  Common lung infection WHAT IS THE ILLNESS?

3  Cough  Fever, may be mild or high  Shaking chills  Shortness of breath  Headache  Loss of appetite, low energy, and fatigue  Confusion, especially in older people  Chest pains WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS?

4  Annual flu shot  Frequently washing hands  Good hygiene and health habits  Avoiding interaction with those who are sick HOW DO YOU PREVENT THE SPREAD OF THIS ILLNESS?

5 Normal Chest X-ray Chest X-ray showing pneumonia COMPARISON

6  Can be both contagious and non-contagious  You don’t catch pneumonia  You only catch the bugs that cause it  Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses, and Parasites  Viral pneumonias are more contagious than bacterial and fungal pneumonias IS IT CONTAGIOUS?

7  Drinking plenty of fluids to loosen secretions  Getting lots of rest  Bacterial Pneumonia  Treated with antibiotics  Viral Pneumonia  Treated with antivirals; antibiotics does not work  Possible breathing treatments HOW IS IT TREATED?

8  Adults 65 years of age or older  Children younger than 5 years of age  People who smoke cigarettes  People who have chronic illnesses  People who are recovering from a severe illness WHO IS MOST AT RISK?

9     neumonia neumonia REFERENCES

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