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Chest X-Rays Every Resident Should Know Part 1

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1 Chest X-Rays Every Resident Should Know Part 1
Arcot J. Chandrasekhar, M.D., F.A.C.P. Professor of Medicine Loyola University of Chicago

2 Normal

3 Lobar density Air bronchogram No loss of lung volume RUL Consolidation Strep Pneumonia

4 Loss of left heart margin
Intact left diaphragm

5 Consolidation Lingula
Air bronchogram

6 Radiation Port Air bronchogram Radiation Pneumonia Pleural effusion

7 Round Pneumonia Blastomycosis

8 Segmental Pneumonia Aspiration Lung Abscess

9 Superior segment of RLL

10 LUL Atelectasis

11 Oblique Fissure LUL atelectasis Herniated right lung

12 Azygous lobe RML atelectasis

13 RML atelectasis

14 Plate like atelectasis

15 Pneumothorax Relaxation atelectasis Hydro-pneumo Large right hemithorax


17 Diffuse adhesive atelectasis

18 Diffuse alveolar infiltrates
Pulmonary edema

19 Butterfly pattern Lobar Air bronchogram Pulmonary hemorrhage

20 Autoppsy Hemorrhagic lung

21 Chronic diffuse aleveolar
Alveolar proteinosis

22 Miliary nodules Interstitial disease Tuberculosis

23 Kerley lines Sub-pulmonic effusion Full hilum Lymphangitic spread

24 Bronchiectasis Cystic fibrosis Tram lines Multiple cavities Gloved fingers

25 Unilateral haziness Left lung atelectasis

26 Unilateral haziness Unilateral pulmonary edema Pneumothorax

27 Pneumothorax with tube
Preceding pulmonary edema

28 Unilateral hyperlucency
Left hilum pulled up LUL resection Compensatory hyperinflation LL

29 Pleural effusion LUL cavity Tuberculosis

30 Loculated empyema Sub pulmonic effusion

31 Loculated Empyema

32 Massive effusion Sub pulmonic Effusion

33 Pleural masses Iatrogeic pneumothorax

34 Triangular retrocardiac density
LLL atelectasis

35 Pneumomediastinum Outlining Right pulmonary artery LLL atelectasis


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