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BISD Curriculum & Instruction Department Angie T. Morales, RtI Specialist

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1 BISD Curriculum & Instruction Department Angie T. Morales, RtI Specialist

2  Dashboard / Widgets  Modules (Teacher and School-Wide)  Behaviors of Concern (strategies/Interventions)  Report an Incident (Office Referral/Documentation)  Edit an Incident  All Incidents Reported  Reports & Data  Help and Setting  Quick Reference Guide -QRG

3 The Dashboard is the home page in Review360. The dashboard features alerts that notify users of pending tasks that require attention. The dashboard also features widgets with reports and quick links to other areas of Review360.

4  Alerts are denoted by the warning icon. Click on the Details link to be taken to item requiring action.   Available widgets include:   Disciplinary Placement Breakdown: Displays a summary of the disciplinary placements.  Disciplinary Placements: Displays disciplinary placements. Click on the button to view reports. Click the button to edit reports.  Module Progress: Displays the progress that users have made on tracked modules.  My Classroom Management Plan: Displays and allows user to print Classroom Management plan.  New RTI Referrals: Displays new RTI Referrals. Click on the button to view reports. Click the button to edit reports.  Pending Incident Tasks: Displays list of current active incidents that require action for completion.  Quick Tools: Provides quick links to Student Roster, Score a Plan, Report an Incident, Spot Check, School Walkthrough, Classroom Walkthrough, and Reports.  Recent Incidents: Displays a list of recent incidents reported. Click on the button to view reports. Click the button to edit reports.  Report Charts: Displays a specified report chart. This widget is added through the Reports menu.Reports  Spotlight: Displays a list of students with plans on user's roster. Click the to view the student's plans (if applicable). Click the student's name to be taken to Student Profile. Click buttons to be taken to the Score page for the respective planStudent ProfileScore

5 1. Module Progress is displayed with the progress bar in the right column. 2. Navigate through the module content with the Next and Previous buttons. Alternately, you may jump to sections of the module by clicking on the content area in the Table Of Contents on the right. 4. If user has access to different versions of the module, he will be able to select the appropriate one to complete by clicking on it in the Topic Versions section. 3. To access forms and other resource materials, select desired template from the Resource Center.



8  1. Select student to report the incident on by clicking the button to open the student search box. Enter the student name or ID in the text box and click Search. When the student's name pops up, click on it to select him.   2. Enter Date by using the calendar selector.   3. Enter Time in the text box. Use drop down list to select AM or PM.   4. Enter duration of the incident in Incident Time box.   5. Select a Location for incident using drop down list.   6. Enter Location Description if needed in the text box.   7. To add additional staff members to the incident report, click the Add button. Enter user's name in the search box and click Search button. Click on user's name to add him. To remove a user from the Staff Involved list, highlight the user's name and click the Remove button.   8. Select campus the incident Occurred At using the button to open the organization search box. Click the Add button to add the campus.   9. The other fields on this report are configurable by school/district. The example above is a generic representation of the incident report. Users may be presented with additional option fields to add more information to the report including:   a) Incident Type - Using the drop down selector, choose the type of incident  b) Student Behavior - Select student behavior by selecting the relevant check boxes.  c) Description - enter incident description in the text box.  d) Preceding Activity - enter events that led up to incident in the text box.  e) Result - Enter result of the incident.   10. Click the Create Incident button.

9 After an incident is reported, it may be edited to change the information reported. It may also be edited to perform pending tasks for incident completion. Links to edit an incident may be found on the Pending Tasks Tab and All Incidents Tab when selecting Incident History from the Reports & History drop down menu.Pending Tasks TabAll Incidents Tab Options for editing an incident depend on the configuration of the user. User type configuration is determined by school/district. Users who ARE NOT configured to add consequences to an incident will be presented with the following options:

10  1. Additional students may be added to an incident to include the additional detail of students who were: subject or participants in the incident, targets in the incident, harmed unintentionally in the incident, a witness, or a reporter of the incident. Add a student to an incident by clicking the Add Student button.   2. The incident summary includes: who the incident was reported by, the staff involved, date and time of the incident, duration or incident, and where the incident occurred. To edit the incident summary information, click the Edit Incident Summary button.   3. Incident may be removed completely by clicking the Delete button and confirming by clicking Yes button on the confirmation dialog box. Important: incidents that are deleted CANNOT be retrieved. Incidents deleted in error must be manually re-entered.   4. The student detail includes the information reported such as incident type, student behavior, and description. To edit this information, click the Edit Student Detail button.   5. Students may be removed from an incident by clicking the Remove Student button. Important: if there is only one student reported in the incident and this button is clicked, this action will Delete the incident.   6. The Completion Checklist section displays the necessary tasks to perform to complete the incident. If a task is in the Pending status and the icon appears, this means that the user is restricted from performing the task. Hover over the icon and a text box will appear to inform user which users can perform the task.

11 The All Incidents tab displays all incidents that the user has access to including active and completed incidents

12  1. Select a Reporting Group to display with the drop down menu. For more information regarding reporting groups, please click here: Reporting Groups Tab.Reporting Groups Tab   2. Report is sortable by Date, Student, Incident Type, and School. To sort by a column, click the column sort button for the desired column. The sort defaults to an ascending sort. To switch to a descending sort, click sort button again.   3. To select an incident to edit, click the edit button. For more information regarding editing an incident, please click here: Edit an Incident.Edit an Incident   4. To view an incident report, click the view button. To print this report, click the Print button. To close report window, click Close button.   5. The incidents listed on this tab are limited to the current School Calendar Year. For incident history prior to this Calendar Year, please select the Reports from the Reports & History drop down menu and run the appropriate report.Reports

13 The Reports menu offers links to reports based on various data collected with Review360. Reports available on this menu depend on how the user is configured by the school/district. To view this menu, select Reports from the Reports & History drop down menu.

14 FAQFAQ - This section provides answers to frequently asked questions. User ManualUser Manual - This menu will open the online user manual. Help VideosHelp Videos - This menu will open the online tutorial videos menu. Contact SupportContact Support - This menu opens an email form to request assistance from technical support. PreferencesPreferences - Select this menu to manage your user preferences. The menu is the destination for all user support tools and user preferences. Included in this menu is:

15 Please refer to QUICK REFERENCE CARD (Previously emailed to all staff)

16  Any questions?  Thank you for your attendance.

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