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A member of Sayegh Group

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1 A member of Sayegh Group
National Paints A member of Sayegh Group

2 National Extreme

3 National Extreme Environmentally friendly
Outstanding weathering resistance Excellent water repellency Long term durability Esthetically appealing – high resistance breathability

4 National Paints Recommends Extreme emulsion paint
If budget and environmental concerns are at the top of your list, it is your ideal choice. It has quickly become a favorite among those looking to protect the planet as well as their concrete projects.

5 Extreme Silicon Emulsion Paint
Are probably the world's most modern facade coatings Extreme is an acrylic silicon emulsion paint formulated for exterior wall. This Rich Super acrylic emulsion is water based emulsion which is extremely durable against harsh weather and adheres well to all type of wall surfaces,

6 Extreme Silicon Emulsion Paint
Provides tougher resistance against dirt, algae and fungus with economical and highly effective for conferring hydrophobic properties on a wide range of organic and inorganic substrates This comes with a warranty for 10 years

7 Extreme Silicon Emulsion Paint
Our Durable Masonry Protection has a Strong Foundation : ADDTIVES THAT Control over the degree of water repellency High hydrophobic effect Extremely long lasting effects Economical use


9 Causes of ordinary masonry coatings failure
Rain Solar radiation Temperature Atmospheric and auto pollution


11 Leading us to


13 WHY Silicon emulsion paint
HELPS U EVEN MORE?? While Building facades degrade rapidly with exposure to moisture, water, temperature variations, UV radiations, and many other exterior factors, our Extreme emulsion for decorative Coatings comes as a good solution to achieve excellence in facade protection, and to keep good aesthetic properties, avoiding blistering, chalking or cracking.

14 As long-lasting protection and aesthetics are two key Requirements of today's facade coatings

15 Facade Protection Facade Aesthetics
Outstanding adhesion to substrates Long-lasting mechanical strength Remarkable water resistance Outstanding weathering resistance: UV and temperature. Facade Aesthetics Good dirt pick-up resistance, A durable matt finish.

16 Benefits of Silicon Emulsion Paint (SEP) for Decorative Coatings:

17 Water Repellency OUR silicon emulsion paint has very high water repellency. This resistance to water is particularly useful since it is relatively unaffected by temperature and climatic variations. See fig.(1) Water Absorption test for our silicon emulsion paint against ordinary acrylic paint.


19 Vapor Permeability / Breathability
OUR silicon emulsion paint provides outstanding water vapor permeability to the coating. This is linked to the presence of Oxygen atoms in the structure of their molecules, allowing the water to interact and "diffuse". The incorporation of a silicon co-binder produces a film with an open structure that remains water repellent whilst improving the breathability of the coating. See fig. (2)


21 Beading Effect After several tests OUR silicon emulsion paint provides unique film cohesion or beading effect ever

22 Substrate Adhesion OUR silicon emulsion paint has good adhesion properties onto substrates due to silicon's mineral nature (which provides outstanding compatibility).see Fig. (3)


24 Resistance to Ageing Wet Scrub Resistance
Bonds of silicon at OUR silicon emulsion paint leads to outstanding resistance to ageing, represents key factor durability Wet Scrub Resistance OUR silicon emulsion paint has extraordinary Wet scrub resistance

25 Our Emulsions Paint will be always among your expectations

26 Beading Effect After several tests OUR silicon emulsion paint provides unique film cohesion or beading effect ever

27 USES AND APPLICATIONS NATIONAL EXTREME EMULSION PAINT may be used on vertical and horizontal above grade surfaces that must be protected from water and salt intrusion. Typical applications are as follows: Waterproofing masonry surfaces such as concrete, stucco, block, brick and stone Bridge and Parking Decks Land Barriers and Toll Islands All new or old concrete

28 ADVANTAGES Excellent penetration of new or old concrete surfaces
Does not discolor the substrate Low viscosity for maximum penetration of substrates Excellent resistance to ultraviolet light, salt intrusion and is alkali resistant Provides an economical protection for brick, block and similar masonry surfaces

29 STORAGE CONDITIONS NATIONAL EXTREME EMULSION PAINT should be stored between 16º to 35ºC in a dry area. The shelf life is one year in the original unopened container. Protect the material from excessive heat and do not freeze

30 COVERAGE NATIONAL SILICON WATER REPELLENT EMULSION PAINT will cover approximately 6-7 m2/L Depending on the porosity of the substrate and color

31 PRODUCT MIXING NATIONAL SILICON WATER REPELLENT PAINT can be thinned down by water %maximum.

32 PRIMING Priming with NATIONAL EXTREME PRIMER which is supplied as ready to use is always desired in any application of SILICON WATER REPELLENT EMULSION PAINT to insure good adhesion and penetration of substrate

33 SURFACE PREPARATION Existing Concrete: All spelling, loose, fragmented or unsound concrete should be removed by use of chipping hammers, small scarifies or other mechanical means. Heavy deposits of oils or grease may be removed by abrasive blasting or scrubbing with an industrial de-greasing agent. After scrubbing, flush thoroughly with clean water and then allow drying completely before proceeding with the application.

34 APPLICATION Apply two coat of National Extreme primer, then to cure the holes and the cracking, sanding after insuring full dryness of the wall-putty (exterior grade). Apply a coat of NATIONAL SILICON WATER REPELLENT EMULSION PAINT by roller, brush or sprayer. Two coats are recommended for most substrates Note: Application of NATIONAL EXTREME EMULSION to a damp surface will greatly reduce the penetration of this type of material

35 RECOMMENDATIONS Do not apply at temperatures below 5ºC and this temperature must be maintained for the next 12 HOUR, nor during inclement weather: including rain, fog, mist, or freezing temperatures

36 PRECAUTIONS Use only with adequate ventilation
Keep out of the reach of children In case of contact, flush eyes with soap and water and then flush area with water for 15 minutes and contact a Physician



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