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Handwashing Unit 13.2.

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1 Handwashing Unit 13.2


3 Typical day at the Hospital

4 Questions to ask yourself
Why wash your hands? What’s the purpose? When should I wash? What are steps I should remember when washing? How hot should the water be? What kind of soap should I use?

5 Handwashing Is a basic task required in ANY health occupation
An ASEPTIC technique- most important method to control spread of pathogens

6 2 Purposes of Handwashing
Prevent and control the spread of pathogens from person to person Protect the health care worker from disease and illness

7 Appropriate times to wash
Arrival and Exit of facility Before and After each patient When hands are contaminated during a procedure Before and after wearing gloves Before and after handling specimens After contact with ANY soiled item After picking up items from the floor After use of the bathroom After cough, sneeze, or use of a tissue Before/After any contact with your mouth/mucous membrane- ex: eating, smoking, drinking, applying lip balm, contact lenses

8 Principles of Proper Handwashing- Soap
Use soap as a cleansing agent Aids in removal of pathogens – sudsy action and alkali content Pathogens get trapped in soap and rinsed away Use liquid soap from dispenser over bar soap


10 Principles of Proper Handwashing- Water
Less damaging to skin than hot water Creates a better lather with the soap than cold water

11 Principles of Proper Handwashing
Use friction to help rub off pathogens from skin surface Clean all surfaces on hands Point fingers downward Prevents water on forearm Water on forearm can run down and contaminate clean hands

12 Principles of Proper Handwashing
Use dry paper towels to turn faucet on/off Prevents contamination of hands from pathogens on the faucet Pathogens travel quickly through a wet towel

13 Principles of Proper Handwashing- Nails
Nails harbor dirt and pathogens Clean with blunt end of cuticle stick Scrub with a brush to remove dirt/pathogens If brush/stick not available, rub nails against palm of opposite hand

14 Washy Washy Clean Scrub Scrub

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