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Marketing Ideas in Minutes John Manderfeld, president David Siguaw, executive director of sales & marketing.

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1 Marketing Ideas in Minutes John Manderfeld, president David Siguaw, executive director of sales & marketing

2 Dominate the Competition 45. Know your competitors’ staff, features and policies--and recheck often. 44. Know your competitors’ rates for every market segment and volume account.

3 Dominate the Competition 43. Keep your printed sales materials up-to-date and superior to your competitors. 42. Be nice…your competitors should be your biggest customers.

4 Advertise a Little 41. AAA TourBook ®, California Tourism Guide, chamber newsletters and local accommodation guides are still good ideas. Most others are not.

5 Advertise a Little 40. Look for cooperative advertising opportunities. 39.Use e-mail to keep your frequent customers and accounts informed and loyal.

6 Use Quality Printed Materials 38.Every hotel should have rack brochures, quick reference guides and sales kits. 37. Market your destination (leisure and commercial attractions) and your hotel.

7 Use Quality Printed Materials 36. Keep rates out of print. 35. Implement a written brochure distribution plan (visitor centers, parks, military bases, attractions, travel agents, AAA offices, etc.).

8 Work the Brand 34. Contact the franchise/ affiliation sales organization no less than weekly. 33. Get their lists of national accounts, tour operators, volume travel agencies, etc.

9 Work the Brand 32. Work the brand’s resources for marketing to its loyalty/frequent- traveler program members.

10 Work the CVB 31. Get lists of tour operators, convention planners, meetings planners, etc. from your chamber or CVB. 30. Encourage your CVB to participate in travel trade shows, etc.

11 Work the CVB 29. Volunteer your hotel for hosting CVB-sponsored familiarization trips. 28. Join CVB sales trips. 27. Get involved with CVB and chamber committees.

12 Participate in Consortia 26. Know the consortia’s fees, enrollment procedures and contribution to your market, which are different for each brand and non- branded hotels. Include the fees in your annual budget.

13 Participate in Consortia 25. Call on travel offices that are managed by your participating consortia.

14 Manage Your RFP Process 24. Request participation in your brand’s RFP programs for each prospect. 23. Respond promptly to your brand’s RFP submissions.

15 Manage Your RFP Process 22. Trace all the prior year’s RFPs to assure participation in future years. 21. Evaluate participation in RFP Express and/or Lanyon.

16 Prospect for Business 20. Prioritize your accounts and prospects. 19. Have a written account coverage plan (ACP). 18. Work your in-house lists.

17 Prospect for Business 17. Make those sales calls and sell! Your competitors are. 16. Automate (with Act ®, Goldmine ®, TCM ® )—tear up those paper sales files.

18 Prospect for Business 15. Strictly follow a written Style Guide for all forms of communication. 14. Host special guest events.

19 Develop Your Volume Accounts 13. All special-rate and volume- account agreements should be in writing--and track the expiration dates. 12. Know the volume-accounts rates and terms at your competitors.

20 Develop Your Volume Accounts 11. The productivity of all special-rates and volume agreements should be tracked on your property management system— or do it separate from your PMS.

21 Develop Your Volume Accounts 10. Exploit the full potential of your highest volume accounts: Contact every department head. Contact their regional offices. Contact their off-site travel agencies. Contact their major suppliers. Contact their major customers.

22 Develop Your Volume Accounts 9. Practice rate integrity by using a written guide for negotiating volume rates. 8. Don’t forget the low- and mid- volume accounts.

23 Internet 7. Design a Web-site that is informative and transaction friendly. 6. Partner with local services and attractions for Internet specials and packages.

24 Internet 5. Improve your placement on major third-party distribution channels (Expedia,, Travelocity, etc.).

25 Internet 4. Manage your inventory and rates daily or hourly. 3. Use written procedures for rate and inventory management for each reservation engine.

26 Consider this... 2. Consider outsourcing your sales and marketing efforts.

27 And Most Important... 1. Keep the customers you have!

28 Support Services for the Lodging Industry Revenue Production for Hotels (415) 331-1061

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