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Key questions around the Common Core and revised Standards.

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1 Key questions around the Common Core and revised Standards


3 Standards Revision Mandated by HB1 Not later than June 30, 2010…the state board of education shall adopt statewide academic standards with emphasis on coherence, focus, and rigor for each of grades kindergarten through twelve in English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. ORC §3301.079(A)(1) 3

4 Two Development Tracks  Science  Social Studies  Mathematics  English/ language arts 4 Ohio Revised Standards Common Core Standards

5 WHY?

6 Common Themes in Comparable Countries Ohio generally aligns with other nations’ standards, but… Other nations provide: Greater focus, rigor, coherence Clearer learning progression

7 More grades to cover a topic.

8 Raising Competency The level of thinking of the teacher is the greatest predictor of the level of thinking of the students in the teacher’s classroom. Michael Fullen PDK Kappan, April, 2000

9 HOW?

10 Stakeholder Engagement 200 Content specific focus groups involving 200 teachers 55 Meeting with 55 professional organizations 800 Over 800 individual responses to online survey Business leaders and college personnel consulted 10

11 11 Common Core/Standards Implementation Timeline

12 New Generation of Assessments More rigorous tests measuring student progress toward “college and career readiness” Have common, comparable scores across member states, and across consortia Provide achievement and growth information to help make better educational decisions and professional development opportunities Source: Federal Register / Vol. 75, No. 68 / Friday, April 9, 2010 pp. 18171-85

13 New Assessment System Will eliminate OAA and OGT assessments taken by students currently Will combine elements of speaking, listening, computer-based, performance-based to develop one summative score Will have optional formative and diagnostic elements that districts can use to better inform their instruction

14 WHEN?

15 Lakewood work to date Some teachers involved in online model curriculum audit Instructional coaches involved in development of teacher preparation documents Science meetings with teachers of K, 3 rd grade & 6 th grade Introduced new Common Core wording to teachers of English/language arts and math Shared timeline for overall preparation Introduced how to access new curriculum documents online Formation of district Literacy and Math Teams Planning of professional development for secondary science and social studies teachers

16 2012-2013 Continue implementation according to prepared timeline Begin to embed performance-based assessment practices and greater rigor into our existing structures Common assessments Teacher-based teams Implementation of Common Core English/language arts and math for grades K-2 Implementation of revised social studies standards in grades K-4 Implementation of revised science standards in grades K-4

17 2013-2014 Full implementation of Common Core in English/language arts and math for grades K-12 Full implementation of Ohio revised standards in science and social studies grades K-12

18 2014-2015 Full implementation of Common Core and revised standards K-12 Implementation of new assessment system in grades 3-12

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