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Helping Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) grow through innovation

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1 Helping Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) grow through innovation
NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL OF CANADA INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (NRC IRAP) Helping Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) grow through innovation Opportunities in Aerospace – CARIC OCE OAC information Sessions Ontario January 2015 Presented by : Estelle Havva, B.Eng, MBA, CMA CPA NRC IRAP Aerospace Sector Team Lead

2 Supporting Canada’s Innovation System
NRC is Canada’s engine for industrial innovation Generating more value from federal investment in R&D Increasing productivity and competitiveness for Canadian industry Helping create a higher standard of living and better quality of life for Canadians Industrial Research Assistance Program

3 NRC VISION To be the most effective research and technology organization in the world, stimulating sustainable domestic prosperity NRC-IRAP VISION Be the first place where innovative Canadian firms go for support to develop their ideas into commercial success Industrial Research Assistance Program

4 NRC MISSION Working with clients and partners, we provide innovation support, strategic research, scientific and technical services to develop and deploy solutions to meet Canada’s current and future industrial and societal needs. NRC-IRAP MISSION Accelerate the growth of SMEs by providing them with a comprehensive suite of innovative services and funding Industrial Research Assistance Program

5 NRC-IRAP locations NRC Research facilities Delivered by a network of over 400 professionals located in more than 100 communities Industrial Research Assistance Program

6 Strategic Research & Development Science Infrastructure
NRC Business Lines Strategic Research & Development Science Infrastructure Technical Services Industrial Research Assistance Program Industrial Research Assistance Program

7 Accelerated Deployment
NRC Aerospace Provides large-scale infrastructure and technology foresight (strategic R&D and technical services) De-risks technology by moving it past the “valley of death” Fosters consortia for large-scale technology demonstration projects Makes connections between Canada’s SMEs and OEMs Science Applied Research Demonstration Deployment Very Successful Moderately Successful Unsuccessful “Valley of Death” Cash Flow NRC Value Reduced Risk Reduced Cost Accelerated Deployment

8 NRC Aerospace Competencies
Aerodynamics Flight Research Gas Turbine Engines Manufacturing Structures and Materials Technical Services

9 NRC Aerospace Strategic Programs
NRC has established a series of strategic programs to focus on Canadian industry needs Programs are internal business units Revenue targets Performance targets Discretionary funds for R&D collaboration Aeronautical Product Development Technologies Civil Unmanned Aircraft Systems Aerospace Defence Systems Aeronautics for 21st Century Reducing Aviation Icing Risks Working and Travelling on Aircraft To respond to industry requirements and shape NRC R&D direction

10 NRC IRAP - What we do Support the needs of small- and medium-sized firms engaged in innovative technology-driven activities Assist firms to develop, adopt or adapt technologies and incorporate them into competitive products and services to be commercialized in the global marketplace Industrial Research Assistance Program

11 NRC IRAP - How we serve Assist you in validating your ideas
Provide a suite of advisory services Offer strategic, competitive, business intelligence Promote networking and linkages with potential partners in Canada and abroad Provide non-repayable financial assistance Industrial Research Assistance Program

12 Our business model NRC-IRAP business model Business Innovation
Partnerships Strategic planning Market assessment Intellectual property Networking Business Innovation Business advice CAIP $ BIAP $ CHTD $ YEP $ Innovation IRAP projects $ Funding organizations $ 12 12 Industrial Research Assistance Program Industrial Research Assistance Program Industrial Research Assistance Program

13 NRC IRAP - Our programs IRAP
Includes financial support for innovation projects with SMEs and contributions to organizations assisting SMEs Business Innovation Access Program (BIAP) Helps Canadian SMEs access technical and business services at universities, colleges and other public research institutions. Youth Employment Program (YEP) Helps SMEs hire highly skilled post-secondary graduates Note re: CAIP Funding through the Canada Accelerator and Incubator Program is not ongoing, it is hrough a one-time RFP (request for proposals) process. The RFP process closed in late October 2013 and funding decisions are currently underway. Industrial Research Assistance Program

14 1. Eligibility If your company meets all of the following criteria:
incorporated and profit-oriented entity, located in Canada with fewer than 500 full-time employees have the desire and potential to improve innovation capacity open to developing a trusting relationship with NRC-IRAP have the objective to grow and generate profits in Canada through the development and commercialization of innovative, technology-driven new or improved products, services, or processes. Your company may be eligible for support Industrial Research Assistance Program

15 2. Meeting with an ITA An Industrial Technology Advisor (ITA) will visit you at your location to better understand Your business structure (ownership, management, etc.) Your business strategy The nature of your activities (products/services, clients, competitors…) Available resources (human, material, etc.) Where you are with your idea You will Discuss how NRC-IRAP can help you achieve your business goals Learn more about the variety of our services and programs Receive information on the conditions for financial contribution support Industrial Research Assistance Program

16 NRC-IRAP Business Model
ITA Advantage Relationships Local Presence Network Smart Money Industrial Research Assistance Program

17 Trusted Services Advice and customized solutions Networking
International linkages Project Management Follow-up Industrial Research Assistance Program

18 Helping SMEs Succeed Globally
Our international initiatives are focused on providing support in a number of key areas, including: Direct support to SMEs with international interests Technology partnering, including technology sourcing, transfer, and matching Joint R&D projects and other technology ventures EUREKA! An international network for market-driven industrial R&D that includes over 40 economies from the Europe, Israel, South Korea, and now Canada. Industrial Research Assistance Program

19 What is Concierge Service? Contact Concierge Service
The place where Canadian enterprises can find information and guidance to access programs and resources in support of business innovation. Customized service to help SMEs leverage available innovation programs and services from federal, provincial and regional government Guidance on the most appropriate business innovation assistance, programs and resources specific to the clients’ needs Referrals and introductions to partners or other service providers helps the SME efficiently access innovation support programs and services Contact Concierge Service Call our bilingual client contact center GUIDE ( ) Hours of operations: 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday to Friday (Local time) Visit our website

20 Contact us To reach an ITA in your area, call or visit website

21 Discussion

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