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Workplace Stress and Improving the Bottom Line Living Unlimited Inc. Terrie Stickle Lauren Rowe.

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1 Workplace Stress and Improving the Bottom Line Living Unlimited Inc. Terrie Stickle Lauren Rowe

2 Workplace Stress: A Major Impact  The 2000 annual "Attitudes In The American Workplace VI" Gallup Poll sponsored by the Marlin Company found that: 80% of workers feel stress on the job nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress and 42% say their coworkers need such help  In a study by the American Psychological Association More than 1/3 stated they are typically stressed out during the work day. 20% stated they had high daily levels of stress, rated 8-10 on a 10 point scale.

3 The Bottom Line  Stress Costs U.S. Companies $150-300 Billion Dollars on an annual basis!!  Factors in these estimates include: Sick Days Medical Costs Legal Fees Decreased Productivity Insurance Costs Workers’ Compensation Costs Long Term Disability Turnover

4 Warning Signs for Stress  Headache  Sleep Disturbance  Short Temper  Physical Illness or Manifestations  Difficulty Concentrating  Low Morale  Job Dissatisfaction

5 Warning Signs and the Bottom Line  Headache Sick Days  Sleep Disturbance Low Productivity Accidents  Short Temper Low Productivity Effecting other employees productivity Taking time away from management/growth plans Legal Costs  Physical Illness or Manifestations Sick Days Medical Costs  Difficulty Concentrating Low Productivity Accidents  Low Morale Low Productivity  Job Dissatisfaction Turnover

6 Wellness Programs What are they?  Encourages healthy living to lower health care costs  Discounts in Insurance or Rewards for Participation for the Employee and Employer  Aiding in: Diet Exercise Smoking Cessation Stress Management  Counseling/Employee Assistance Programs

7 Wellness Programs What can they do?  Decreasing Sick Days  Decreasing Medical Costs  Increasing Job Satisfaction  Increasing Job Retention  Healthier, Happier Employees means more Productive Employees!

8 Stress relief resources and Insurance Companies  Capital Blue Cross - iCanRelax People work with a coach on their own schedule and receive a workbook, relaxation CD, and stress relieving.  Aetna – Mindfulness at Work and Viniyoga Stress Reduction meditation and therapeutic yoga  Humana – Personal Health Coaching Stress management with goals and action plans for each individual

9 What you are noticing  35% of respondents from our survey are definitely offered stress management  Those that were offered stress management have either not noticed any improvements(50%) or have noticed some improvements(50%) in the workplace  No one reported noticing a great deal of improvements.

10 What are your stressors?  Biggest Causes as reported by you: Change Increased Workload Company Expectations Lack of Communication Conflict Team Dynamics Support/Lack of Support Need for Personal/Self Care

11 Music Therapy and Wellness What is it and how can it encourage wellness and stress relief?

12 What is Music Therapy?  Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program. American Music Therapy Association

13 Uses of Music Therapy  Promote Wellness  Manage Stress  Alleviate Pain  Express Feelings  Enhance Memory  Improve Communication  Promote Physical Rehabilitation

14 Music Therapy for Wellness  Music Therapy can be used to: Address the needs of individuals and groups Promote team building  Increased Communication  Develop Support Systems  Awareness of Roles Improve mood Cope and adapt to change Increase relaxation Increase awareness and coping skills  Self – stressors, triggers, body awareness  Others – group understanding

15 Music Therapy and Wellness  The music therapist would work with the company or group to: Determine and Assess Needs Develop Group Goals/Objective and Desired Outcomes  What are the most important areas for the group to work on? Determine Treatment Approach  Small/Large Group or Individual?  What techniques would best assist the group in reaching goals?

16 Music Therapy for Wellness  Activities could include but are not limited to: Music Assisted Relaxation Drumming/Instrument Playing Song Discussion/Lyric Analysis Music Sharing/Listening Instrumental Improvisation Singing Songwriting

17 Companies that use Music in Wellness Programs  Toyota Headquarters has a drumming room Stress relief Group activities  Rhythm for Good, a Music Therapy company from California works with: Red Cross of Southern California Qualcomm  Develops activities for day retreats  Focus on wellness and group cohesiveness

18 Tips to Manage Workplace Stress Musical  Use music in the car as a buffer between work and home  Choose music to help you Focus on a task Relax Make a difficult task more enjoyable  Sing to encourage breathing and relaxation

19 Tips to Manage Workplace Stress Non-Musical  Organize your day and your desk  Do a self check – Be aware of your stressors and your body  Take time to stretch  Ask yourself, Am I clearly communicating my point?  Take time for yourself  Set reasonable standards for yourself and for others  Join a gym to be a buffer between work and home  Breathe!

20 Discussion and Questions How does your company encourage wellness? What do you feel could improve or change? How do you use music individually for stress? How do you feel music therapy could be incorporated into wellness programs? Other thoughts and questions

21 Resources  survey-summary.pdf survey-summary.pdf   true-financial-cost-of-job-stress/ true-financial-cost-of-job-stress/   2000 annual "Attitudes In The American Workplace VI" Gallup Poll sponsored by the Marlin Company  Kat Fulton and

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