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Wetland Planning Requirements, Tools & Processes.

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1 Wetland Planning Requirements, Tools & Processes

2 Statewide Planning Goals 1 Citizen Involvement 2 Land Use Planning 3 Agricultural Lands 4 Forest Lands 5 Natural Resources 6 Air, Water, Land Resources Quality 7 Hazards 8 Recreation 9 Economic Development 10 Housing 11 Public facilities/services 12 Transportation 13 Energy Conservation 14 Urbanization 15 Willamette R. Greenway 16 Estuarine Resources 17 Coastal Shorelands 18 Beaches & Dunes 19 Ocean Resources

3 Statewide Planning Goals that Address Wetlands Goal 5 - Natural Resources, Scenic & Historic Areas, and Open Spaces Goal 16 - Estuarine Resources Goal 17 - Coastal Shorelands

4 Who’s Who in Wetland Planning Land Conservation & Development Commission (LCDC) –Sets policy, adopts rules, conducts hearings Dept. of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) –Administrative arm of LCDC; reviews plans & local decisions; assists local governments Department of State Lands (DSL) –Administers Removal-Fill Law & State Wetlands Program; technical standards & assistance Cities, Counties, COGs, Metro –Carry out mandated land use planning activities

5 Local Government Planning Responsibilities Develop & adopt comprehensive plan that addresses Statewide Planning Goals Adopt implementing ordinances Update plan periodically Oversight by Dept. of Land Conservation & Development

6 Goal 5 Requirements Outside UGB, counties required to notify DSL of proposed development activities on wetlands mapped on National Wetlands Inventory Inside UGB, cities required to: –Develop Local Wetlands Inventory (LWI) and determine significant wetlands (using DSL standards) –Protect “locally Significant Wetlands” –Notify DSL of proposed activities on all wetlands mapped on LWI

7 Goal 5 Process & Tools (within UGB) Step: Define & inventory wetlands Tool: Delineation manual & LWI rules Step: Assess function & condition Tool: Oregon Freshwater Wetland Assessment Method Step: Determine which wetlands are significant Tool: Significant Wetland Criteria rules Step: Adopt protection program & ordinances Tool: Goal 5 rules A B D C

8 Goal 16 - Estuarine Resources Required classification of estuaries as: –deep draft development (3 estuaries) –shallow draft development (7 estuaries) –conservation (5 estuaries) –natural (2 estuaries) Each estuary subdivided into development, conservation & natural management units –to limits of base classification, i.e., conservation estuary can’t include development units

9 Goal 16, cont. State law prescribes uses permitted in different management units Estuary plans include implementing ordinances & criteria for when dredge or fill would be permitted DSL & Corps of Engineers will not issue permit if not consistent with estuary plan

10 Goal 17 - Coastal Shorelands: Major Marshes Coastal shorelands are lands contiguous with the ocean, estuaries, & coastal lakes Significant wetlands whose quality is derived from coastal waters are “major marshes” Inventory and functional assessment steps same as for Goal 5 Major marshes must be protected in plan; “uses” must be consistent with their natural values

11 Wetland Conservation Plans Alternative to Goal 5 or Goal 17 process Purposes include: –Comprehensive wetland plan that meets diverse local needs; optional local permitting –Provides regulatory certainty for landowners, unlike Goal 5/17 which only designates protection sites –Provides better overall wetland management by providing context for permit decisions

12 WCP Elements Detailed LWI (higher standards) Functional assessment of all wetlands Analysis of historical wetland losses Development of WCP goals Designation of all wetlands into categories: development, conservation or protection Mitigation plan to cover planned impacts Policies & implementing ordinances Monitoring plan

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