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Chesapeake Bay Program Habitat Goals Implementation Team June 26, 2013.

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1 Chesapeake Bay Program Habitat Goals Implementation Team June 26, 2013

2 NWI Update Refer to Attachment 90 Quads in MD; 64 in VA NWI+; with Capability for Landscape Assessment Status and Trends in Selected Quads Ability to Identify Altered Wetlands (e.g. ditches) for Restoration Est. completion Oct. 2013 NWI has requested feedback and suggestions for attributes associated with functions and accuracy of new maps. Drafts can be provided to those who are interested

3 NWI Update cont. Will consideration nominations for 20 more quads in eastern MD and James River watershed in VA Requests coordinated review for wetland characteristics in database and used in assessment, based on 2 peer-reviewed reports, for Northeast and GA; or Generate List of Wetland Characteristics Related to Wetland Functions

4 NWI Update cont. List of wetland characteristics related to wetland functions: surface water detention nutrient transformation carbon sequestration sediment/other particulate retention coastal storm surge detention streamflow maintenance bank and shoreline stabilization provision of fish and aquatic life habitat provision of waterbird/waterfowl habitat provision of other wildlife habitat provision of habitat for unique, uncommon, or highly diverse plant communities

5 Wetland BMP Issues for Discussion Use protocols already in place under agricultural or urban BMP verification, but must Avoid Duplicate Reporting and Report Separately Current protocol from WWG is verify project built as designed, correct structural failures, remediate invasive species. Must be Rapid-Verify Predominance of Native Wetland Vegetation, Hydrology, built on Hydric Soil Generally No Long-term Monitoring Requested CBP Assistance in Developing Checklist Unique Identifier System

6 Wetland Acreage Reporting Two Different Wetland Goals Tracked through CBP – inconsistent and contradictory numbers reported Habitat Goal (2011-2025) 30,000 wetland gain through restoration and creation, approx 2000 acres/year 3775 acres reported in 2011, includes BMPs Duplicate and sometimes contradictory reporting Acreage to support 100,000 Black Ducks 150,000 acre gain of enhanced wetlands 225,000 acres of protected wetlands BMP Goal (2000-2025) Under Review: 75,000 Acre Goal, Subject to Revision under Phase III WIP Separate Reporting for Habitat-based Wetland Gains vs. Stormwater Management Wetlands

7 Restoration Permitting Issues Need for Timely Completion of Restoration Projects Need for Complete and Accurate Permit Applications and Compliance with Requirements to Issue Authorizations Practitioners Have Expressed Frustration with Need for Permits, Information Requirements, and Delays Regulatory Agencies Have Expressed Frustration at Poor Coordination, Incomplete Applications, and Projects that Fail to Comply with Requirements Other Issues Concern Resource Tradeoffs, Change in Resource Type, Flooding, Other Mandated Regulatory Considerations Resolution In Individual States

8 Wetland Rehabilitation Projects Restore Degraded Wetlands to Previously Existing Conditions Includes Plugging Ditches and Breaching of Levees Does not Receive Credit as Water Quality BMP in Model WWG/Habitat GIT Has Requested Consideration as BMP, plus Reconsideration of Efficiency Credited to Existing Wetlands (presently assigned same credit as forest) for next version of model - 2014 Formation of Expert Panel Anticipated

9 Next Steps Submit recommendations for NWI update quads; NWI reports; or Wetland Characteristics Comments on BMP Verification Protocol by June 21 for Work Group response; due to CBP July 1 Recommendation on Acreage Goal Reporting Questions for Expert Panel on Wetland Rehabilitation for BMP Credit Review Report on Carrying Capacity for Black Ducks; and New Habitat Goal

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