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2 Software Orientation Word 2013 Backstage provides commands to allow you to sign in to your Microsoft account, protect, inspect, share documents, and manage versions of your documents.

3 Protecting and sharing documents
Sometimes you need to set a password for sensitive documents like payroll, budgets, employee evaluations. There are 2 different types of options for protecting a document: Save as tools Restrict editing

4 When you save a document, you can save with a password to open the document as read only. Individuals who receive this document are able to read only the document once they have the password. You can restrict the type of editing that can be done in a document by using the restrict editing command.

5 In the save as dialog box, click on Tools to see the drop down options
Select General Options from the menu and the general options dialog box appears.

6 Word allows you to specify two different passwords:
1. to open a document 2. To modify a document Both are optional. Passwords are case sensitive You can specify a different passwords for both actions or a different password to each action.

7 Remove a password Click file tab Clock the Tools button
Select General Options Remove the password protection by selecting the hidden passwords Press delete

8 Password 411 It is important to remember your password since Microsoft cannot retrieve it for you. Use strong passwords – combine upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. Passwords should be at least 8 characters long.

9 Another way to protect your document is to restrict editing
Another way to protect your document is to restrict editing. This allows the document to be opened without a password, but the types of changes that can be made to the document are limited. Example: limit formatting changes or only allow others to make comments.

10 Mark document as final Encrypt with a password Limit formatting and control types of editing Restrict access to individuals Ensure the reliability with a digital signature

11 Another way There are two other ways to open the restrict editing pane: Developer tab Review tab

12 Opening documents in protected view
Protecting your document from an unsafe location is necessary to avoid viruses. Documents received from can harm your computer so it is important to know whether the source is reliable. A yellow prompt states that a file has opened in protected view Click the enable button when you are ready

13 Managing document versions
Retrieving a document by versions or recovering an unsaved file has been made easier by Microsoft. Document versions can be managed in Backstage using the info command and selecting which version to save. Word provides an option to recover unsaved document by saving every 10 minutes by default. You will be able to recover versions of your document as long as you haven’t closed your document or program. Under manage version you can also browse for unsaved files.

14 Managing document versions
The autorecovery command allows you flexibility in saving your word documents including more frequent backups.

15 Changing recovery time
It is easy to change the autorecovery time in word: File Option Save You can even change where you want word to automatically be saved by browsing a different location.

16 Delete all draft versions
Click the file tab and then manage versions button. You can then click recover unsaved documents. Select the name of the document…and right-click. Select delete Unsaved documents are found in a specific location on your hard drive. A file extension of ASD has been assigned to unsaved documents. The files located in recovering unsaved files are temporary files until saved.

17 Sharing documents Many of the documents created will need to be shared with others in the business environment. Before you share a doc it is important to ensure the doc has a professional appearance. Word 2013 has 3 tools to help you with this: 1. document inspector 2. accessibility checker 3. Compatibility checker

18 Document inspector steps File Info. Check for issues Inspect document
Document inspector dialog box opens –this command checks for hidden properties and personal info. Inspect button – word inspects the doc and displays the results in the doc inspector window. If any issues exist, there would be an “X” instead of a check in the box. You would then have an option to remove all and then the property is removed and the doc is ready to be shared.

19 Checking accessibility
The accessibility checker determines whether there are potential errors in your document and can alert you that the contents might be difficult for an individual with a disability to read. Before sharing your document, it is important to inspect it in case someone with a disability opens it.

20 Checking compatibility
Before sharing a document, it is good practice to check whether the document is error free and the formatting appears professional. It is also important to make sure other people will be able to open and read the document. Word’s built-in check compatibility tool ensures that a document’s features are compatible with other versions of word. The compatibility checker searches a document for features that are not supported by earlier versions of word and lists a summary of these features.

21 Publishing as a blog post
A blog is an online interactive location where anyone can leave comments. Word provides a feature where you can register a blog’s url, add a post and publish it. Before you can post as a blog, you must register for a blog account. Steps: File Share Post to blog

22 In review… You can specify two different passwords one to open a doc and one to modify it? You should run the compatibility checker on all document files? The compatibility checker will ensure that the doc’s features are compatible with other versions of word? When you restore an earlier version of your doc, the autosave version prompt will appear in a yellow bar alerting you that a newer version is available? The compatibility checker lists a summary of features not supported by earlier versions?

23 Formatting restrictions will allow users to limit the formatting styles in a document?
Read only prevents changes to a document? Inspect document does not provide options on removing features that may have been used in the document? The restrict editing pane cannot be accessed from the ribbon?

24 Requiring a password to open a document is accomplished by using:
A. Encrypt with a password B. Restrict editing C. Restrict formatting D. Word does not support this feature

25 A doc that is protected from editing, but allows comments was protected by using which feature?
A. Restrict formatting B. Protected from using comments C. Comments features was turned off D. Editing restrictions

26 Unsaved documents can be recovered using?
A. Multiple users B. Manage versions C. Skydrive D. Save as

27 You must register a blog space before:
A. Blogging B. Posting a blog post C. Sharing D. publishing

28 If your doc contains potential problems where the content is difficult to read by someone with a disability, you would be alerted under which command? a. Check accessibility b. Check compatibility c. Inspect document d. None of the above

29 Before sharing a doc it is a good idea to remove personal info using which command?
A. Check accessibility B. Check compatibility C. Inspect document D. No command is available

30 Draft versions of a doc can be deleted by…
A. Right-clicking then selecting delete B. Using manage versions C. Pressing the delete key D. A and b

31 Recovering unsaved docs is located under which command. A. Info B
Recovering unsaved docs is located under which command? A. Info B. Recent C. Open D. Save and send


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