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T’is the Season A Holiday Tool Kit *Safety Features Included.

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2 T’is the Season A Holiday Tool Kit *Safety Features Included

3 T’is the Season Holidays can be filled with family, fun excitement and festive activities Holidays can be a time of rest and relaxation from work and hectic schedules However, holidays can also be a time of intense stress or depression

4 Keep a Holiday Toolkit! It includes –Keeping the focus on family, festivities and fun –Spending time interacting with your family by Sharing meals together Cooking and baking together Playing interactive family games Creating and wrapping gifts together Simply spending family time together like going to movies, the mall, the park, etc. Brainstorm your own family activity and create a family tradition

5 Keep a Holiday Toolkit! Features just for “YOU” –It is important that you be in touch with your physical and emotional needs –These features are just for you: Get plenty of well deserved rest during the holidays –However don’t overdo the sleeping! Monitor your eating habits with well balanced meals – Caution! Take it easy on the sweets and treats Steer clear of drugs and alcohol! Drink plenty of water (H20) –Nothing replenishes your body better Be SAFE! NEVER drive or ride with someone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs!

6 Keep a Holiday Toolkit! Final feature –It is important to understand and recognize that while the holidays are joyous, fun, and exciting for some people, it can also be a very sad, lonesome and unfulfilling occasion for others –Sadness, depression and suicide can interfere with both adults and teens during the holiday season –Take care of yourself and those around you if any of the following signs and symptoms apply…

7 10 Warning Signs of Depression and/or Suicide 1.Isolation withdrawal from friends and family; different than spending quiet time alone 2.Recent loss of a significant relationship relative, friend or pet 3.Personal appearance changes begin to disregard appearance, bathing etc. 4.Hopelessness begin to feel or think things will never get better 5.Impulsive or risk-taking actions actions that disregard the outcome, dangerous, not safe

8 10 Warning Signs of Depression and/or Suicide 6. Overall change in personality behaving opposite their usual character 7. Personal injury cutting or doing other self-harm actions 8. Personal possessions giving away prize/favorite items 9. Substance abuse person begins to use alcohol/drugs or increases the use of a substance 10. Frequently thinking about death or dying

9 Keep a Holiday Toolkit! What should I do? –Should you, a family member or a friend experience any of the warning signs, remember that HELP is always available: Contact a trusted adult for guidance (your parents and school counselors can be a great resource) Contact a family physician Call the crisis hot line: (940) 387-5555 Or call your local police

10 Tell! If you know about someone wanting to hurt themselves, including you, DON’T keep that secret. Tell somebody now. Don’t keep what could turn into a deadly secret.

11 Your Holiday Toolkit was brought to you by The Denton High School Counseling Department

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