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May 2013 Timo Ritonummi Ministry of Employment and the Economy Finland

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1 May 2013 Timo Ritonummi Ministry of Employment and the Economy Finland
Low Carbon Competitive energy supply – A Member State perspective Bioenergy May 2013 Timo Ritonummi Ministry of Employment and the Economy Finland

2 Finland, total energy consumption 1970–2011, PJ From Oil dominance to better balance

3 Total energy consumption 2011 - share of Renewables 29 %
Total energy consumption share of Renewables 29 % * in RES-directive goal 38% (of end-use!) - share of Bioenergy 23 %

4 Renewable energy sources 1970–2011, PJ

5 Bioenergy in Finland Finland is one of the world leaders in the utilisation of wood-based fuels Almost 80 % of RES is wood-based bioenergy Strong connection to forest industry The increase of the use of forest chips in power and heat production (multifuel boilers) will be based on cost efficiency, support: Bioenergy €/MWh,e Depends on CO2, with ~20 €/t: 0 Heat pumps €/MWh Wind power 83.5 €/MWh,e Biogas 83,5 €/MWh,e

6 Electricity supply 1970–2011, TWh CHP in big role; market based; main user of bioenergy; most boilers – all latest - multifuel (FBB – CFB, BFB)

7 Shares of energy sources in electricity supply, % (2011, total 84
Shares of energy sources in electricity supply, % (2011, total 84.6 TWh) Wind power 2020 goal 6 TWh 2025 goal 9 TWh Nuclear power in operation 4 units under construction 1 in planning phase 2 CHP District Heat 18 % CHP Industry 11 % CHP total 31 %

8 ”Bioenergy climate” in Finland
Strong co-operation with government, research & industry Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation,TEKES Tight connection with forest industry, synergy in biomass supply Whole value chain considered, not just part optimization Careful benchmarking for solution, not jumping into dark with goal setting Tailor-made solutions in R&D and in politics (bioenergy #1) Case NER300: only bioenergy (biorefeneries) considered earnestly and proposed, one project (AjosBTL) + Finnish company UPM in France got funding Updated Energy and Climate Strategy (for 20/20/20 goals) published in 03/2013, strengthens the role of bioenergy link

9 Use of Forest Chips at Heating and Power Plants in Finland in 2011
Use, m3 Total use, m3 200 – (65 GWh) 500 – (86 GWh) 1 000 – (884 GWh) 5 000 – (646 GWh) – (2 323 GWh) – (1 307 GWh) More (8 121 GWh) Total million m3 (13.71 TWh) Rovaniemi Oulu Kajaani Pietarsaari Seinäjoki Joensuu Jyväskylä Jämsä Pori Mikkeli Tampere Rauma Valkeakoski Kouvola Lappeenranta 1 m3 is about 2 MWh Hämeenlinna Turku Kerava Porvoo

10 Bioenergy – Finnish companies handle the whole chain
Feedstock - Feedstock Handling – Harvesting & Logistics - Conversion to power, heat and fuels

11 Examples of Finnish development 1/3
Biomass-to-Liquids process: Forest biomass → gasification → Fischer-Tropsch synthesis → bio wax → bio diesel Status: Pilot phase Finnish consortia: Neste Oil & Stora Enso UPM & Andritz Vapo & Metsä Group Thermochemical pathways Synthetic liquid fuels and/or hydrocarbons through gasification Bio-methane and other bio-synthetic gaseous fuels through gasification High efficiency heat & power generation through gasification Bio-methane through gasification: R&D to produce synthetic bio-methane from biomass through gasification Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT Biomass gasifier integrated in a pulverized coal fired boiler: Lahti I: Foster Wheeler gasifier, in operation since 1998 Lahti II: Metso gasifier, in operation 2012 Vaskiluoto (Vaasa): Metso gasifier, in operation 2012 Joutseno: Andritz gasifier, in operation 2012 DM 26/3/17

12 Examples of Finnish development 2/3
Pyrolysis oil forest residues as raw material industrial partners: Metso, Fortum, UPM research partner: VTT test runs in pilot scale in Tampere since 2009 Fortum builds a first commercial biomass based pyrolysis oil plant in Finland. Metso will deliver the plant, which will be in operation in 2013. Thermochemical pathways Intermediate bio-energy carriers through techniques e.g. pyrolysis and torrefaction Torrefaction: dried wood chips are treated in 250–300oC, properties resemble those of coal VTT has ongoing R&D and European co-operation Finnish companies are jointly developing torrefaction DM 26/3/17

13 Examples of Finnish development 3/3
Bioethanol, biochemicals, pulp and paper fibres Chempolis Oy raw material e.g. agricultural residues technologies developed by Chempolis demonstration biorefinery in operation in Oulu since 2008 Bioethanol St1 Biofuels Oy: distributed bioethanol production from waste streams development towards ligno-cellulosic raw materials UPM Oyj: development on ligno-cellulosic bioethanol from residual fibres Biological and chemical pathways Ethanol and higher alcohols from ligno-cellulosic feedstock through chemical and biological processes Hydrocarbons (e.g. diesel and jet fuels) through biological and/or chemical synthesis from biomass containing carbohydrates Bio-energy carriers produced by micro-organisms (algae, bacteria) from CO2 and sunlight Hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) technology Neste Oil NExBTL diesel: Development towards new raw materials (e.g. microbes) UPM Oyj: biodiesel from tall oil investment decision in 2012; the plant in operation 2014 Algae for biofuel production R&D on a new concept to utilize industrial waste streams in cultivation of algae for biodiesel and biogas production VTT & other Finnish research institutes 13 Finnish companies participating international co-operation DM 26/3/17

14 Limited Company (reg ) Shareholders: major global companies (28) which have a significant stake in energy and environment related R&D&I in Finland the most essential Finnish research institutes (17) Industry driven joint R&D&I, open innovation platform

15 Sustainable Bioenergy Solution for Tomorrow (BEST) program
Program duration: 4 years (2+2) Estimated volume per year: 4 MEUR Consortium partners: Companies (20): Andritz, Arbonaut, Ekokem, Fortum, Gasum, Helsingin Energia, Indufor Oy, Inray Oy, Mantsinen Group, Measurepolis Development Oy, Metso Automation, Metso Power, Metsä Group, MW Power, Neste Oil, Pohjolan Voima, Senfit, Stora Enso, UPM, ÅF-Consult Research organizations (13): Aalto University, European Forest Institute (EFI), Finnish Geodetic Institute (FGI), Finnish Environmental Institute (SYKE), Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla), Finnish Institute for Occupational Health (FIOH), Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT), MTT Agrifood Research Finland, Tampere University of Technology (TUT), University of Eastern Finland (UEF), University of Helsinki (UHe), University of Oulu (UOulu), VTT


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