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Implementing ESD in Major Infrastructure Projects Jo Moss - Senior Principal.

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1 Implementing ESD in Major Infrastructure Projects Jo Moss - Senior Principal

2 Evolution of ESD in Australia In Australia in 1992: >All levels of government signed the Intergovernmental Agreement on the Environment >Australia became a signatory to: o Rio Declaration o Agenda 21 >National Strategy for Ecologically Sustainable Development (NSESD) o “Using, conserving and enhancing the community’s resources so that the ecological resources, on which life depends, are maintained and the total quality of life, now and in the future can be increased.”

3 Australian ESD Requirements >State and local governments have accepted ESD, Intergovernmental Agreement and NSESD principles >No uniform approach in relation to implementation >Primarily focused on natural resource management issues & implemented through natural resource management legislation >Example: State government level in New South Wales o several pieces of legislation address ESD o Guidelines for the Consideration of Sustainability in EIA project formulation community consultation environmental impact assessment

4 Infrastructure Agencies and ESD >Examples of agencies that are progressing ESD: o Department of Planning, Infrastructure and Natural Resources (DIPNR) o NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) o Sydney Water >Moving towards making ESD more central to activities o Environment Reports and Annual Reports o ESD strategy & policy development o Corporate Sustainability Reports o Evaluation of ESD principles in development

5 Case Study: Sydney 2000 Olympic Games >Background o Bid submitted in 1993 o adopted Environmental Guidelines for host cities o known that IOC would hold Sydney to the promise o Environment adopted by IOC as the 3rd pillar of Olympism o The concept of the “Green Games” >The Framework o Homebush Bay Development Guidelines o Environment Strategy o Expert Advisory Panels o Guidelines and Policies o Environmental Management System o Stakeholder and Community Communications

6 ESD Objectives: Sydney Olympic Games >Environment Strategy o Conservation of Resources o Conservation of Species o Pollution Control >Triple Bottom Line o Economically viable o Environmentally sound o Socially responsible

7 ESD Legacy of the Olympic Games > Promoted greater emphasis on environmental aspects for major events, public buildings and infrastructure > Set a new standard in residential development > Demonstrated water conservation & recycling > Demonstrated energy conservation & alternative sources > Focus on materials selection > Focus on best practice environmental management > Achieved conservation of threatened and endangered species  Demonstrated sustainable development

8 Case Study: Pacific Highway Development >Upgrade of the Pacific Highway between Sydney and Brisbane - a distance of approximately 1,000 kms >10 year program by the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority >$A2.2 billion program is the largest infrastructure project undertaken in regional Australia >Involves widening, duplication and/or deviation to achieve dual carriageways for much of the length of the Highway >The North Coast of NSW is an area of high amenity and environmental sensitivity >One of the highest population growth areas in Australia.

9 Addressing ESD in Highway Projects STRATEGIC Strategic Impact Assessment Consistency with ESD goals, framework CONCEPT Environmental Overview Concept Design Options Report Economic Evaluation Value Management Study Range of options Values for environmental/social aspects Multi-criteria analysis DETAILED ASSESSMENT Environmental Impact Assessment Species Impact Assessment Detailed designs Decision Report Wide range of specialist reports Economic analysis completed Risk assessment Dedicated EIS section on ESD ESD key consideration for approval CONSTRUCTION Tender Environmental Specifications Construction EMPs Contractor commitment to ESD Mitigation measures Community Consultation Details eg life cycle analysis, materials OPERATION Operational Management Plan Environmental Audits Sustainable design Monitoring operational impacts Feedback to future projects COMMUNITY CONSULTATION

10 So what does all this mean? >ESD is firmly embedded in Australian legislation >Communities question whether projects address ESD >Requires a whole-of-government approach >Full assessment of a project would have to involve strategic planning and policy development >Full environmental impact assessment is a critical tool to ensure that process has addressed ESD >Policy remains the the primary means to address ESD >At the project level, ESD is a goal we work towards >Value of ESD is as a process of change.

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