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Te Wana Quality Programme Licensee – Healthcare Aotearoa. Jackie Richardson Te Wana Programme Manager.

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1 Te Wana Quality Programme Licensee – Healthcare Aotearoa. Jackie Richardson Te Wana Programme Manager

2 Who are we? What do we do?  Quality Improvement Programme  Affiliated with QIC, Australia  Group of standards /Treaty based framework in the Primary Care sector in New Zealand.  A fee for service programme.

3 Our Process  3 year Quality Improvement Cycle  Internal Review :Reflection /self assessment  External Review : Gaps identified  Accreditation review : External review/ accreditation  6monthly work plans /re-review 3years.  NB: Organisations under contract and fees paid to remain accredited.

4 Peer Review  Unique to Te Wana  Peer Review Programme  Te Wana coordinate/Peer reviewers  External coordinators to manage capacity.  Te Wana training /Quality Health NZ supporting courses

5 Our Organisations  Total = 67  Development (yet to be reviewed)Cycle = 11 organisations  Accreditation Cycle = 55organisations  Whanau Ora groups /collectives on Te Wana = 20 approx.  Service providers – Maori iwi, NGO’s, PHO’s, Health Promotion, Pacific, Social Services,

6 Core Standards Treaty of Waitangi  “A” owned and operated whanau/ hapu / iwi  “B” others Standard 1: Building Quality Organisations.  Governance and Management  Organizational Structure, HR and environment  Assets and Physical Resources  Financial Management  Information and Knowledge management  Risk Management  Legislative requirements.

7 And…. Standard 2 –Delivering Quality Services and Programmes.  Identifies and meets Community needs by way of engagement  Services and programmes endorse consumers rights, informed choice and culturally appropriate  Consumers and Stakeholders are empowered and involved on all levels  Services delivered in Coordinated and integrated way within organisation

8 And….. Standard 3 – Sustaining Quality Relationships  Formal and informal service agreements  Collaboration with other organisations, providers and networks  Incorporating and contributes to good practice operationally and service delivery wise.  Builds on the capacity of the organisation. Modules which include  Mental Health standards  Primary and Community Health  Community and Voluntary sector standards

9 Collectives  Proven history of working with collectives  individual service provision areas/ wider “multi- purpose” services.  e.g. Plunket – 13 branches and National office  Reviewed separately or  Geographical areas grouped together  Multi-purpose provider/multi site visits and meetings with on-site staff.

10 Whanau Ora and Te Wana Options –  Treaty Based standards make Te Wana Core standards an excellent fit  Existing Te Wana members are already part of Whanau Ora.  Any new “Whanau Ora “ Standards can be endorsed by QIC to become part of the accreditation process.

11 Pros  Funders looking for participation in QI programme.  Accreditation programme already recognised and accepted in New Zealand.  Core standards are tried and proven in the primary and community sector.  Peer Review process benefits both organizations.  Validation of the mahi you do while helping you address the gaps.  Everyone participates, staff, service users, Board, management.

12 How to do it  Allocate time to it- staff meetings  Find a “champion”.  Workshops  Training  Timeframes BUT you actually set your own!  Review planned and happens  ACCREDITATION!!

13 Summary Te Wana gives you: Resources/ standards/ templates Training- Peer Reviewers/ Internal Contacts Workshops/ How to get started Payment options.( Annual/ monthly) Expertise and support Review costs included in fee’s. Thank you

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