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Advanced hydraulic solutions

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1 Advanced hydraulic solutions

2 Industrial & Trading Company NAK Ltd.
Since 2000 we have been one of the leading suppliers of hydraulic components on the Ukrainian market for the following industries: Machine building Metallurgy Chemical industry Woodworking industry Mining industry Agriculture Energetics

NAK Company operates in accordance with the International standard requirements of ISO 9001:2008. Our Quality Management System has been tested by TÜV SÜD certification authority. We have confirmed: Transparency and efficiency of the applicable management system; Excellent customer service; Flexibility in solving the difficult tasks of the modern market; High level of production culture; Continuous improvement of business processes. Certificate ISO 9001:2008 is the guarantee of stability, reliability, and competence.


the needed products in proper quality in required quantity at the right time in the right place with reasonable costs

6 Our suppliers

7 Advanced hydraulic solutions
The main product groups: Industrial and hydraulic hoses Hydraulic pipes and pipe fittings Component parts for hydraulic cylinders Hydraulic hose processing equipment Hydraulic cylinders Heat resistant materials Advanced hydraulic solutions Heat exchangers Power units Hydraulic accumulators Hydraulic pumps and motors Valves and components for hydraulic systems Components for pneumatic systems Fluid condition monitoring equipment Filters and filtration equipment

8 Industrial and hydraulic hoses
NAK Company produces hydraulic hoses of any complexity and configuration, based on the components from leading companies like Parker Hannifin, Semperit/Semperflex and Stomil which allows us to guarantee high quality of the products, which allows us to guarantee high quality of the products.

9 Hydraulic fittings for hoses
Different types and standards of nipples, ferrules and other fittings for the hose reinforcement

10 Hydraulic pipes and pipe fittings
Industrial hydraulic steel pipes (incl. stainless steel pipes), seamless, precision, cold-rolled pipes Pipe fittings EO and EO2, connectors, adapters and T-joints with wide thread range

11 Quick coupling connectors
…are used when it is necessary quickly and without the loss of pressure in the system to connect or disconnect hydraulic or pneumatic lines

12 Cutting machines and skiving machines
Hydraulic hose processing equipment Cutting machines and skiving machines Crimping machines Testing stands Additional equipment

13 Hydraulic pumps and motors
Gear type Axial piston type Vine type Torque type Complete model line with fixed and variable displacement

14 Hydraulic valves Pressure valves Flow valves Directional valves
Check valves Proportional valves

15 Power units We design and produce hydraulic systems on the basis of high-quality components according to individual technical specification

16 Tubes and component parts for hydraulic cylinders
Tubes for hydraulic cylinders Chrome bars Caps Pistons Ball joints Seals

17 Hydraulic seals Chevron seals Piston seals Rod seals Dirt removers
Guide piston and rod elements Sealing rings Materials: NBR, PU, PTFE, FKM Vitton etc.

18 Hydraulic cylinders Any technical execution of hydraulic cylinders
on the basis of high-quality components

19 Hydraulic filters and filter equipment
Filter elements Pressure filters Return filters Mobile and stationary filter units

20 Centralised lubrication systems
Lubricating equipment ensures a longer service life of production capacities and a reduction of ongoing maintenance expenses. Depending on your individual needs, we can supply both the single component and the whole lubrication system through preparing the complex technical project.

21 Fluid condition monitoring equipment
Equipment for working pressure monitoring, temperature, viscosity, flow fluid rate and level of pollution

22 Hydraulic accumulators
Piston accumulators Bladder accumulators Diaphragm accumulators

23 Coolers Air cooling and water cooling

24 Heat resistant materials
Fire sleeves Heat tapes Fire blankets Protection of the sleeves, cables, pipes, connectors, equipment and staff from flame and influence of high temperature, metal splashes, aggressive environments

25 NAK Company production facilities
Creative engineering solutions and high production quality of hydraulic hoses, hydraulic cylinders and power units are recognized by a choice of our customers. The hoses are manufactured on the innovative up-to-date equipment The products of NAK Company meet all applicable standards and customer needs.


27 We are glad to see you among our business partners!
Lets generate income together We are glad to see you among our business partners!

28 Thank you for attention!

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