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How did young people react to the Nazi regime?

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1 How did young people react to the Nazi regime?
Revise Test Yourself: 1 2 3 Exam Practice How successful were Nazi policies towards women and the family? Revise Test Yourself: 1 2 3 Exam Practice Did most people benefit from Nazi rule? Revise Test Yourself: 1 2 3 Exam Practice How did the coming of war change life in Germany? Revise Exam Practice

2 What were Nazi policies for the youth of Germany?
School lessons used to make children loyal to Hitler and the Nazis. Children were taught to distrust Jews. Hitler Youth prepared boys with basic military training. The League of German Maidens prepared girls for the roles of wife and mother. Physical fitness encouraged.

3 Did all young people support the Nazis?
Many were attracted to the Nazi youth movements. During the Second World War the popularity of these decreased. The ‘Swing’ movement and the Edelweiss Pirates emerged as anti-Nazi youth groups.

4 The ‘Swing’ Movement Mainly middle-class teenagers.
Listened to banned jazz music, danced American dances, went to parties, mixed with Jews, sexually active, dressed in American and English clothes.

5 The Edelweiss Pirates Working-class teenagers, mainly 14-17 years old.
Sang anti-Nazi songs, taunted the Hitler Youth, boys & girls mixed together. 1942 – the Gestapo broke up 28 groups. 1944 – twelve Pirates hanged for an attack on the Gestapo.

6 What was it like for women in Nazi Germany?
Girl’s taught that a woman’s role was as a good wife and mother – kinder, kirche, kuche (children, kitchen, church) Girl’s indoctrinated at school and in the League of German Maiden’s.

7 Marriage and Children Women were encouraged to get married. Newly weds received a loan of 1000 marks. Women were encouraged to have many children. The ‘Gold Cross’ was given to those who had 8 or more. Marriage to Jews was banned. Women were to marry only ‘suitable’ husbands to keep the Aryan race pure. Tell me more.

8 Women and Work Women were expected to be a home as wife and mother.
However, during the Second World War women were needed to work in support of the war effort – this was called a ‘Duty Year’. Tell me more.

9 Who benefited from Nazi Rule
For the majority of people Nazi rule brought benefits including: Employment Improved working conditions (Strength Through Joy, Beauty of Labour) Law and order Improved transport (autobahns & railways) National pride Hope in Germany’s future

10 What were the drawbacks of these benefits?
Wages fell, working hours increased and strikers could be shot. Loss of personal freedoms e.g. the freedom of speech. All culture had to be German – music, literature, art, architecture etc.

11 Who were the losers in Nazi Germany?
The Nazis labelled certain groups as ‘inferior’ and persecuted them. Racially inferior e.g. Jews, gypsies, black people. Socially inferior e.g. mentally ill, physically handicapped, alcoholics, beggars, criminals, prostitutes.

12 The impact of the Second World War on Germany.
Food rationing Supplies of luxury goods from Nazi occupied Europe. Increasing hardships as the war progressed e.g. longer working hours, heating cut backs, postal services suspended. Women drafted into the workforce. City bombing By 1945 – desperation of German people (little food, refugees fleeing the advancing Russians, 3.5 million German civilians had died ).

13 GCSE Questions Describe how the Nazis tried to influence young people. [4] Tip: Remember 4 marks = 4 points. How successful were Nazi policies towards young people? Explain your answer. [6] Tip: You need to explain how & why the Nazis tried to influence the young (e.g. indoctrination, education, Hitler Youth). These policies were largely successful but you must also refer to the youth who opposed the Nazi regime (e.g. the ‘Swing’ groups and the Pirates).

14 GCSE Question Study Source A. What does this source tell you about Nazi ideas and beliefs about women? Tip: Use evidence from both the source and your own knowledge. Source A: The front cover of a Nazi magazine for women.

15 GCSE Question How far did the German people benefit from Nazi rule? Explain your answer. [10] Tip: You need balance for this question – one paragraph on who benefited and why and one paragraph on who suffered under the Nazis and why. You also need a conclusion that addresses ‘How far…?’

16 GCSE Question How did the Second World War affect the people of Germany? [6] Tip: This question needs you to explain – so use connectives linking cause and result e.g. city bombing resulted in thousands of deaths which led to a lowering of the morale of the German people as well as hardships such a homelessness.

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