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Bridging the Gap: Theological Research - Resources and Terminology.

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1 Bridging the Gap: Theological Research - Resources and Terminology

2 Introduction Myth: “Everything is freely available on the Internet” Fact: Many (most) scholarly resources found either in print or through subscription-based databases

3 Agenda About the Library Highlight - Reference research resources Library website Catalogue searching Internet resources (not journals) Journal articles (very brief) UBC Library Additional help: EMPOWER

4 About the (JRA) Allison Library Membership Reciprocal borrowing privileges Loan periods Returning items Renewals Recalled items Fees Hours

5 Reference research tools Print Atlases (Bible) Book Reviews etc. See Bible (versions, interlinear, parallel) Commentaries (devotional / exegetical) Concordances Dictionaries & Encyclopedia Handbooks (manuals, almanacs)

6 Online Routledge Religion (JRA) UBC Library Other Internet sources Reference research tools




10 Search results page for Atheism as a Subject

11 Results page – following Atheism link


13 Boolean operators: And, Or, Not Atheism AND Reformation AND NARROWS the search Atheism OR Reformation OR BROADENS the search Atheism NOT Reformation NOT LIMITS the search Use NOT with caution

14 Combining Boolean Operators Refine a search by grouping synonyms For example 1. Christian AND (justice OR ethics) 2. (Christian OR Mennonite) AND (justice OR ethics)

15 Search strategies: Wildcards & Truncation Atheism and reform* * = wild card for any letters after the “m” will search for... –Reforms –Reformed –Reformation –Reforming Women, Woman, Womyn Use “?” as a wild card e.g. Wom?n

16 Keywords: atheism Europe history

17 Sample / example

18 Questions about tools and/or using the catalogue?

19 Journals (scholarly aka peer-reviewed vs popular) Journal Indexes & Databases Print Electronic – Citations (source only: author, title etc.) – Abstracts (short comment on articles contents) – Full Text (hardcopy, PDF or HTML) Journal articles: Indexes & Databases

20 EBSCO databases (five) : ATLA Serials main database for theology and religion New Testament Abstracts (NTA) Old Testament Abstracts (OTA) Catholic Periodical Literature Index (COLI) Christian Periodical Index (CPI) ProQuest Religion: Smaller database than ATLA but full text Religious and Theological Abstracts (RTA) Some overlap with above sources Cambridge, Sage, Oxford Journals (some) TREN (Theological Research Exchange Network) Theses and Dissertations Allison Library subscribes to:


22 eResources eBooks Journals Indexes Databases

23 NEW! A – Z = A to Z

24 Remote Access: Ezproxy


26 Five commonly used out of over 880 databases: Academic Search Complete: –Multi-disciplinary includes some religion and theology –Almost all full-text JSTOR: –multi-disciplinary generally providing a back run –All full-text Philosopher’s Index: – Abstracts from books and journals of philosophy PsychINFO and 3 other Psych databases: –Citations and summaries from psychology-related journals –Largely full-text MLA : –For literature –No full-text UBC Library Indexes & Databases

27 UBC Journal & Indexes Access X

28 IF you have an Article title and Journal title AND the article is NOT available in full text through our databases THEN does UBC have full-text access? Go to UBC Library > Advanced Search UBC Library: article finding tool

29 FIRST check the Allison, VST, & St. Marks libraries (Theolog) UBC Library: Interlibrary Loans Then go to UBC Library Use the Library Borrowing Services Borrowing from non-UBC Libraries (ILL)

30 Internet Resources: Links & Portals

31 Web (Internet) Research Theological Resources – Allison Library website: –Links to various reputable websites (Theological links) –Wabash center (JRA link or –Guides Wikipedia: pros and cons –Can be useful for overview BUT check the facts!!

32 Additional help EMPOWER (tutorial)EMPOWER –Go to the Allison Library website Help Research Tutorial (Empower) Reference Librarian –In person at the reference desk –By phone 604.221.3341 –By email –By chat –Twitter @allisonlibrary

33 Questions?

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