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State of Kansas Electronic Payroll Options Informational Meeting August 25, 2010.

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1 State of Kansas Electronic Payroll Options Informational Meeting August 25, 2010

2 Kent Olson, Director of Accounts and Reports Welcome Nancy Ruoff, Manager, Payroll Services Electronic Pay Policy & Benefits Direct Deposit Skylight Paycard Travel and Expense Reimbursements Next Steps Agenda

3 K.S.A. 44-314 provides authority for employers in Kansas to select to pay employees only by electronic form of payment Oct. 1 – Payroll and Travel & Expense Reimbursement will be electronic for all active and new State Employees State of Kansas Electronic Payment Options Direct Deposit to Financial Institution Account Skylight Paycard

4 Benefits of Electronic Payment Safe, Secure, and Convenient Ability to designate multiple accounts for payroll deposit No checks delayed in the mail Money is available on payday even if you are away from home Eliminates lost or stolen paychecks No more check cashing fees for employees Estimated $250,000 annual savings for State of Kansas

5 Direct Deposit Enrollment Complete form DA-184 authorization form Form available at For Payroll – Select a maximum of 9 different accounts for direct deposit distribution of net pay For Travel & Expense – Select one account

6 Skylight Paycard State partner is Skylight Financial Payroll ATM/Debit based bank card No Credit Check – Everyone is Pre-Approved FDIC Insured; No minimum balance Multiple ways to access funds On-line banking available 24/7 IVR inquiry Customer Care Access Text/E-mail alerts available

7 How does the Skylight ONE Paycard Work? Employee works with agency HR office to sign-up for the Skylight ONE Paycard and receive a Skylight Instant Issue Pack The day prior to payday, employee activates paycard and establishes PIN On payday, money is deposited to account by 9am ET

8 How do I know my net pay? Employee can identify their total net pay in the following ways: View pay advice with all pay details at Employee Self Service Center at

9 How do I know my net pay? (cont) Sign up online at FREE e-mail or text alerts (NOTE: Carrier text charges may apply) Get account balance by calling 24/7 IVR or customer care or via text inquiry View all Skylight account transactions on-line

10 How do I get my money? Employee uses paycard to access funds in the following ways: FREE cash withdrawal via VISA-Member bank teller transaction FREE Point-of-Sale PIN and Signature-Based transactions FREE cash back from participating POS merchants FREE ATM withdrawal at Skylight Network ATMs (one per pay period) Note: ATM daily limits and out-of-network fees may apply FREE unlimited Skylight Checks FREE Online Bill Pay FREE Transfers to other Skylight Accounts

11 Other Benefits of the Skylight Paycard The Skylight Paycard offers additional benefits to the employee: FREE second card for your main account for use by spouse, relative, etc. FREE Sub-Account Deposit or Transfer funds to sub-account for a college student, relatives, etc. locally, nationally, or internationally free of charge  FREE Online Bill Pay or Skylight Checks to avoid Money Order fees

12 Other Benefits of the Skylight Paycard (cont)  FREE deposit of additional funds to your Skylight card from a 2 nd job, travel reimbursements, tax refund, spouse’s job, etc.  FREE multi-lingual, live customer service via Skylight Customer Care 7a – 1a ET M-F and 7a – 11:30p ET weekends Account goes with you if you leave employment with the State of Kansas

13 Other Important Info Re: Skylight Paycard Please note the following tips regarding use of the Skylight Paycard: Access listing of Surcharge-Free ATMs at Review Cardholder Fee Summary to avoid fees for use of your card for ATM balance inquiry, transaction declines for insufficient funds, stop payments, etc. Paycard is NOT a credit card…use is limited to account balance on card One FREE standard card replacement for lost/stolen card each year

14 Other Important Info Re: Skylight Paycard (cont.)  Daily Limit for POS purchases or teller-based cash withdrawal is $7,500. ATM daily limit is lesser of $2,000 or ATM machine limit.  When completing an ATM withdrawal, always select withdraw from Checking  When account balance gets low, always check balance before making a purchase to avoid a declined transaction  Be aware that specific transactions may place a hold on your account greater than the amount of the final transaction – for example, pay-at-the-pump, rental cars, some restaurants

15 Travel and Expense Reimbursements Non-Regent Employees –Submit a DA-184 form to appropriate Finance staff if using traditional direct deposit –Contact HR office to establish Skylight paycard then submit DA-184 form to Finance staff with Skylight info Regent Employees –If traditional direct deposit is not used, contact HR office to establish Skylight paycard and provide Skylight registration account information to agency finance staff for submission with a DA-130 form

16 Next Steps? Employees currently receiving payroll or travel and expense reimbursements by check should review their options and contact their agency HR and/or Finance office to sign up for Direct Deposit or the Skylight Paycard Employees who do not provide account information by Sept. 17 th for direct deposit to a financial institution will be registered for a Skylight paycard which is the default method of electronic payment for the State of Kansas

17 Information & Contacts Agency Human Resources Office Accounts and Reports website: Skylight ONE card website: Payroll Services: Nancy Ruoff, Payroll Services Manager

18 Questions?

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