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Investment Justifications IJ Template and Examples 1.

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1 Investment Justifications IJ Template and Examples 1

2 PSIC Grant Program Administered by National Telecommunications and Information Administration Make Up of an IJ Why? Planning Who? Coordination What? Acquisition When Where? Deployment How? Training 2 For each Investment or project, 6 basic questions need to be addressed within each funding area:

3 PSIC Grant Program Administered by National Telecommunications and Information Administration PSIC IJ Requirements Checklist RequirementsIJs SCIP/PSIC Related: Coordination with Locals SCIP/PSIC Related: Coordination with Non Governmental Organizations SCIP/PSIC Related: Coordination with Tribes 1. Tech: Adopt Advanced Technology Solutions  2. Tech: Improve Spectrum Efficiency  3. Tech: Use Cost-Effective Measures  4. All Haz: Areas at high-risk for natural disasters  5. All Haz: Urban/Metro Area at high risk for terrorism  6. Strategic Technology Reserve  7. Multi-Jurisdictional  8. Multi-Agency  9. Separate and Unique  10. Target SCIP Gaps in IJ Development  3

4 General IJ Considerations 4  Only the information included in the Statewide Plan and IJ will be reviewed in the peer review process. Applicants cannot rely on references to other sources of information to explain their response.  Applicants are encouraged to minimize the use of acronyms, proper nouns (e.g. names of service providers or contractors) and highly-technical terms specific to their Investment. If these acronyms, names, or terms must be used, they should be clearly defined.  States and Territories are strongly encouraged to coordinate with each other to present an application that represents a collaborative, integrated approach, and to avoid duplication of efforts.  To aid applicants in adhering to character limits, text boxes for character-limited responses are sized to the length of the response and the character count.  Although the text boxes for these questions will accept an unlimited amount of text, text exceeding the character limits will not be reviewed.  Space has been provided in section X. Attachments (Optional) of each Investment to include a graphic (e.g., organizational chart) relevant to the Investment.

5 The Template 5

6 State IJ Packet 6  SAA is responsible to submit the Investment Justification on behalf of the States  SAA to submit:  Up to 10 Investments for each State, including one Investment for the Strategic Technology Reserve  Overall Summary Tab  Summary of PSIC Investments  Summary of Investments related to statewide strategy/plan  Describe process used to identify, prioritize and select Investments  Describe stakeholder involvement in the evaluation and selection of proposals  Overall Funding Tab: State must submit funding plan for the up to 10 Investments which roll-up into this overall tab.

7 PSIC Grant Program Administered by National Telecommunications and Information Administration Investment Justification Elements The Investment Justification Template contains the following sections 7

8 Investment Heading – State/Territory name – Investment name – Total PSIC funding requested Project Narrative – Interoperability problems – Proposed solutions – Expected outcomes – Partners and end users involved – Plan to use or interoperate in public safety spectrum or improve/advance interoperability – Plans to evaluate the Investment 8 Heading/Narrative

9 Historical Funding – Past funding for Investment – Requested funding for Investment – Dedicated or proposed funding for Investment Need – Status of Investment, objectives and completed outcomes to date – Reference PSIC objectives Governance – Structure – Activities Stakeholders – Public Safety Involvement (State, local, and Tribal governments and authorized nongovernmental organizations) 9 Baseline

10 Funding Plan : – Estimated cost for the Investment through the PSIC period of performance – Describe non-federal matching sources – Detail an expenditure plan to meet September 30, 2010 deadline Milestones : – List up to 10 specific milestones for the Investment (i.e. description, start/end date) Project Management : – Describe the management team responsible for implementing Investment – Describe key investment roles and responsibilities, structures, and subject matter expertise (i.e. the project manager and contracts management structure) Investment Challenges : – Describe up to 5 potential challenges (i.e. challenge mitigation, occurrence probability, and impact level) – Consider technical feasibility of the Investment challenge 10 Template Criteria

11 Outcomes: – Describe outcomes that indicate a successful Investment – Describe reasons why Investment will advance the communications capabilities for stakeholders – Must also address how the outcomes will be evaluated Cost-Effective: – Describe cost-effective measures that will support a successful Investment Sustainability: – Describe the long-term approach to sustaining this Investment 11 Impact

12 Questions & Answers 12

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