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General Financial Supply Website & E-Commerce Solutions This presentation will demo the GFS corporate website and On-Line Order Inquiry options available.

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1 General Financial Supply Website & E-Commerce Solutions This presentation will demo the GFS corporate website and On-Line Order Inquiry options available from GFS. A demo of MicrLink online ordering is also included. By Dr. Dennis J. Shilling, Ph.D. Copyright General Financial Supply Inc.

2 This is the Home Page for General Financial Supply This home page is the link to six major sub-pages of company information and interfaces to order entry, customer service, and user account information. You can enter the sub-pages by clicking on the image or by clicking on the Text Link below the image.

3 This page documents who we are, some basic information about our products and has links to the five company manufacturing locations. For more information click on the location links.

4 This page provides information on the strengths of GFS and the reasons why GFS should be your choice for MICR and Financial forms and services.

5 This page provides an outline of the products and services available from GFS. Links have been provided to additional information on our Technology, Security Features, and Equipment used in our manufacturing processes.

6 This page is a link to the four manufacturing locations showing the address and phone numbers for each location. Click on the map location, map pointer, or Text Link to display the detail information for each location including contact names and additional email addresses.

7 This page provides detail information for the GFS primary location. It also shows the details for the manufacturing facility at this location, including senior management and sales and service contacts. Similar pages are available for all the other manufacturing locations.

8 This page provides information on customer relationships and market support options offered by GFS including forms management and distribution, billing options, and more.

9 This form provides GFS customers with the opportunity to send complaints, suggestions, and praise to be reviewed by customer service and management personnel. Input fields have been provided for the customer to enter his email address, phone number, and any desired comments.

10 This page provides access to the complete catalog of standard products. Custom products are also available. To view the catalog click on the images for further details.

11 This is the access page to the Automated Status Inquiry and MicrLink Order Entry. To access this page a User ID and Password must be requested by the customer from customer service. Data on orders, shipment tracking, invoicing, and inventory is available on the web through timely updates from the various manufacturing facilities. A demo account is available online and is shown in the following pages.

12 This is the secure window opened by the Users ID and Password. The options here are used to display order header and detail data, release header and detail data, inventory header and usage history data, account balances, and invoice data. In addition customers have access to MicrLink, GFS’s online order entry system. Lookups by purchase order number, order number, and form number have been provided.

13 This page shows the orders from the production system, displayed in reverse order, newest order on top. Up to 50 orders are displayed per screen to minimize display time. Order details are available by clicking the order number, shipping details are available by clicking the actual ship date (if shown) and invoice data is available by clicking the invoice number (if available).

14 This is the order detail page, displayed by clicking on the order number from various screens. The ship-to address, proof dates, and order line item details are shown along with actual ship dates (if shipped). Form images are available on a per account basis, displayed in PDF format. CSR comments are also available. The carton tracking numbers are displayed by clicking on the actual ship date. Each carton will be listed with UPS, RPS, and FedEx tracking numbers. ----------------------------------------------------------------

15 This is a display of detail UPS Tracking available by clicking on the UPS tracking number. Similar displays are available on RPS and Fed Ex shipments. Tracking data is provided by the carrier, the link is provided by GFS.

16 This page is the header data from the inventory of produced items. History of each item is captured and displayed. The six month average and on hand quantity are displayed along with the GFS form number, customer form number, and form description.

17 By clicking on the form number, form usage and order details are provided. Activity details include last order, last receipt, last release data, and two years usage history is shown. Inventory on hand is shown at the transaction level of inventory stored per order. Starting and ending numbers are shown. The inventory value is displayed at the top of the screen.

18 This page is accessed by clicking on the A/R link. The invoice data is displayed from the sales history showing invoice number, invoice date, invoice amount, payment and credit data, and a running total of open account balances. The account total is shown at the top of the screen.

19 By clicking on the invoice number we are linked to the invoice details. Invoice details include ship-to address, ordered, shipped and billed dates and invoice amounts. The line item is the detail of the product shipped and billed, which in the case of summary billing could span several orders. Clicking on the order number will link to the order detail and clicking on the ship date will link to the carton tracking detail page.

20 MicrLink is a web-based computer driven order entry system written by Brian Beck at GFS. The newest version of MicrLink uses image rendering technology to provide an on screen proof of the product being ordered. It also links database information with order variable and shipping data to ease ordering and re-orders, and provides storage and easy retrieval of order information. MicrLink is fast, easy to use, and eliminates paperwork while providing maximum flexibility to the end users. The next three pages show the main screens for MicrLink’s order entry, order details, order inquiry and reporting. MicrLink – Online Order Entry

21 This is the main online ordering page allowing the user to select the buying location and products to be ordered. Links are provided to view products, place order, review orders and customer service options.

22 This page shows the product detail for the order using image rendering technology, you see the product on screen. Options for shipping and special instructions are also provided. The next page shows the review order options. Orders entered through the online ordering process will also be available on the web inquiry screens.


24 THANK YOU Copyright General Financial Supply Inc.

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