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Laboratoire d’Excellence Nano -mesures EXtrêmes –et Théorie

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1 Laboratoire d’Excellence Nano -mesures EXtrêmes –et Théorie
NEXT Nano -mesures EXtrêmes –et Théorie Toulouse - Midi-Pyrénées – France Virginie SERIN CEMES

2 NEXT LAB Université de Toulouse CNRS Doctorale School Sciences de la
INSA UPS (INP&INC) Crystalline Materials Master 2R Matter Physics Master 2R 3N Master 2R Chemistry INSA Physics Engineering degree Doctorale School Sciences de la Matière  Nanosciences CEMES Nanomaterials NEXT  LAB LNCMI-T LPCNO LCAR IRSAMC LPT LCPQ

3 NEXT Characteristics («Caractéristiques des candidats, appel à projets LABEX ») - « Entités de recherche de très grande qualité scientifique » : AERES : 5 labos A+ et 1 A « rassemble sur la même aire géographique la plus grande partie des forces sur leur thématique de recherche : » «  recherche sur sujets aux frontières entre disciplines » Tous les labos de physique de la matière de Toulouse (Expérience ET Théorie) + forte interaction avec la chimie From Atoms, Molecules, Experiments/Theory …to Nanomaterials and Nanodevices Keywords : Atom technology, Quantum information, Coherent Control, DFT, FFC, Materials Science, Nanomagnetism, Nano-transport, Spintronics, Nanoelectronics, Molecular electronics, Nanoscale characterization…

4 LABEX NEXT Campus Toulouse Rangueil 1500 m CEMES LPCNO LNCMI-T

5 A few figures on NEXT 186 permanent researchers ~ 1900 publications
89 CNRS, 97 UPS/INSA (104 HDR) 71 Engineers/Technician/Administrative 160 phDs students and post-docs 2 running IUF Senior members 6 running IUF Junior members 1 CNRS Silver medal 3 ERC grants 27 researchers with more than 2000 citations … 55 running ANR projects 20 running EC projects 10 running industrial projects Scientific production ( 5 years) : ~ 1900 publications 110 Physical Review Letters JACS et Angew 3 Science 21 Nature Publishing groups 16 patents

6 Support of Innovative and intra-Next research
Advanced Nanomaterials & Nanodevices Nanomagnetism Nanotransport Strongly Correlated Fermions NanoBioPhysics/Chemistry Nano-optical quantum physics/Quantum coherence and information Optics and interferometry with matter wave Single photon sources Quantum magneto-optics Out of equilibrium Bose-Einstein Condensate Molecular electronics / Picotechnology CEMES LPCNO Transversal technical exchanges Elaboration/Characterization Lasers techniques Multi-scale simulations LCAR LPT LCPQ LNCMI Triggered by the Next project

7 research projects/year
NEXT ACTIONS EDUCATION for phD students… Doctoriales and 2 months internetship in industry ; High level phD courses and Summer schools for Master… Distance Learning Master Degree, Online formation ; Training Center in Nanosciences ATTRACTIVITY NEXT Chairs (Junior or Senior) NEXT Fellowships NEXT scholarships for Master NEXT workshops… Support of Innovative research projects : 2-3 high potential research projects/year (equipments… )

8 NEXT Educational Project
On-line formations Scholarships Theoretical chemistry Masters Training Center in Nanosciences Continuing education Faculties R&D public/private engineers Doctoriales for all Two-month Internships in industry PhD Academic lectures Summer schools Chairs . CECAM INTERNATIONAL Erasmus Mundus Masters Cotutelle New university support (USTH, Chongqing)

9 NEXT Governance Next Coordinator Executive Board
Heads of the six labs participating in Next 3 CEMES representatives Head of Doctoral School SM Relations with supervising institutions Priorities on phD thesis, demands on new lecturer positions Definition of the main actions of NEXT and allocation of corresponding resources Common proposal to CPER, FEDER fundings Scientific and Advisory Board Annual meeting M. Salmeron (Berkeley, USA) K . Ruud (Tromso, Norway) D. Mukamel (Weizmann , Israël) M. Broyer (LASIM, Lyon) F. Priolo (Cat. Italy) M. Leduc (LKB, Paris) M. Coey (Dublin, Ireland) JP. Bourgoin (CEA Saclay) 2 industrial leaders : - D. Bensahel (STMicroelectronics) - C. Desmoulins (Actia ) - 1 CNRS Representative - 1 PRES Representative Advises and Evaluations on NEXT Strategy, missions and actions

10 NEXT Governance Next Coordinator Scientific and Advisory Board
Elected for 4 years NEXT bureau (3 persons) - Coordinator - A. Claverie C. Sire Scientific and Advisory Board Annual meeting M. Salmeron (Berkeley, USA) K . Ruud (Tromso, Norway) D. Mukamel (Weizmann , Israël) M. Broyer (LASIM, Lyon) F. Priolo (Cat. Italy) M. Leduc (LKB, Paris) M. Coey (Dublin, Ireland) JP. Bourgoin (CEA Saclay) 2 industrial leaders : - D. Bensahel (STMicroelectronics) - C. Desmoulins (Actia ) - 1 CNRS Representative - 1 PRES Representative Executive Board Heads of the six labs participating in Next 3 CEMES representatives Head of Doctoral School SM + IRSAMC Director (invited, 2 first years : 2012/2013)

11 Scientific and Advisory Board
Jean-Philippe Bourgoin (CEA Saclay; head of CEA Nanosciences program; nanosciences, nanoelectronics), Michel Broyer (LASIM, Lyon; spectroscopy, clusters, nanostructures) Michael Coey (Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland; nanosciences, magnetism, spintronics) Michèle Leduc (LKB, ENS Paris; head of IFRAF; optics, cold atoms) David Mukamel (Weizmann Institute, Israel; Dean of the Physics Faculty; theoretical physics, biophysics) Francesco Priolo (MATIS, Catania, Italy; materials science, nanocrystals, nanodevices) Kenneth Ruud (CTCC, University of Tromsø, Norway; quantum chemistry, magnetism) Miquel Salmeron (LBNL, Berkeley, imaging, manipulation, and spectroscopy of nanostructures, surface science)

Equipex MiP NMR Equipex Pole Material Science IRT Aéronautique Espace et Systèmes embarqués Equipex Mimetis RTB Platform Micro& Nanotechnology LAAS Nano- Materials Chemistry CIRIMAT Physics Of Universe Inter-stellar physico-chemistry Astrophysics OMP Chemistry Federation Nanofilms Nanoparticles Catalysis… LCC, LHFA LABEX NEXT Life Science Nano-bio Nano-onco Biophysics… IPBS, LMGM, INSERM

13 NEXT Valorization Useful science not the ennemy of beautiful science…
Existing know how: Patents, Softwares, Consultancies, Start ups Protection of IP, sharing (ANR, EC, Indus) Selection of best practices


15 NEXT Club List of companies who have agreed to join the NEXT Club

16 The NEXT club will provide:
 Exchange with the members on the strategy of NEXT  Organizations of thematic days  Crossing socio-economical needs and research; Technology watch  Source of contacts, ideas for new projects…  Close contacts between Master and PhD students/ postdocs and companies  Diffusion of events to the members and invitation to different seminars, conferences, exhibitions…

17 BUDGET NEXT : €/year - NEXT scientific operations k€/year (~400 k€ equipment + ~200 k€ working costs) 240 k€/year (post-doc+travel) - NEXT education : 360 k€/year • Master 2R Scholarships: k€/year • Distance Learning Master Degree: k€/year • Training Center in Nanosciences: k€/year • Doctoriales for all PhD students: k€/year • International mobility of NEXT PhD students: k€/year • High level academic courses, summer schools, Cecam (including NEXT Fellowships): 180 k€/year - NEXT Governance : 85 k€ (including one administator position) NEXT Valorization : Website designer/webmaster, com. 75 k€/year Organization of internat. workshops and conferences 65 k€/year

18 Résumé : NEXT n’est pas un Laboratoire
NEXT est une plateforme de collaboration et d’animation sur le site Toulousain Recherche (Projets NEXT, Chaires NEXT, Professeurs invités… Enseignement Supérieur (Master et Doctorat) Valorisation : relations avec le monde industriel, culture scientifique…


20 NEXT creation projected plan
November 15th, 2011  First NEXT day November 22th, 2011  Labex call deadline May 2011 First call for NEXT scientific projects Summer/Autumn 2011 Week meeting of the 6 NEXT lab. directors,deputy dir. and IRSAMC dir.  Preparation of the project October 2011  Presentation of NEXT project to the Supervising Institutions : CNRS, INSA/UPS, PRES September 2011 First NEXT actions . Chair/ Fellowships . Education . Scientific projects fundings… From January 2011 NEXT EB week meeting March 2011  First NEXT SAB meeting

21 NEXT Communication Internal External
Goal: Merge partners into one single community Means: Seminars, NEXT Days, Website… External Goal 1: Be identified as a single scientific community on the international scene Means: Publications, Press releases, Conference organizations Goal 2: Be identified by Applied Physics Labs , Industries and Public authorities Means: Publicity/lobbying from existing strong partnerships, OPENEXT Days Goal 3: Promote Physics and Nanosciences among youths and students Means: Work with ED towards colleges, prépas, écoles politiques et journalisme Means tools: Website + 1 Member of Executive board

22 NEXT LAB 5.3 Stratégie des Etablissements de tutelle
“Détails de l’engagement pluriannuel des établissements de tutelle…” PRES Université de Toulouse : . UPS INSA PRES (Idex) CNRS

23 NEXT’s publications in common (2005-2009)
Collaborations CEMES LNCMI LPCNO LCAR LCPQ LPT 5 36 12 2 1 10 6 NEXT’s publications in common ( )

24 Laboratories involved
Scientific operations Laboratories involved Maturity Keywords I. Advanced nanomaterials and nanodevices Nanomagnetism CEMES, LCPNO, LNCMI Existing Nanomagnetism, growth, advanced TEM, local field mapping (holography), calculation, tomography, properties of unique objects, in situ measurement under stress Nanotransport LPCNO, CEMES, LNCMI, LPT Transport in nanostructures, extreme conditions, simulations, ion implantation, sputtering Strongly correlated electronic systems LPT, LNCMI SCES, HTSC, tunable metal-insulator transitions, high magnetic fields, extreme conditions, quantum magnetism, frustrated magnetism, low dimensionality materials, quantum phase transitions Nano-biophysics & chemistry LPT, LPCNO, CEMES To be developed Molecular interactions, bio-membranes, nano-oncology, bio-nanoparticles biophysics of DNA, proteins of the cell membrane, electropermeabilization of vesicles/membranes II. Nano-optical quantum physics Quantum magneto-optics LNCMI, LCAR, LCPQ Theory of quantum vacuum, nonlinear optics, high finesse Fabry-Pérot cavity, intense electric and magnetic fields, ultra-high sensitivity measurements, relativistic quantum mechanics, QED, chirality Optics and interferometry with matter waves LCAR, CEMES Electron holography, local electric and magnetic fields, local strain, phase noise and perturbations, phase measurement, ultimate limits Single photons sources CEMES, LPCNO, LCAR, LCPQ Quantum dots, optical properties, elaboration, nano-objects and clusters, high-efficiency sources, semiconductors, quantum dots, photon anti-bunching, quantum correlation, photon correlation III. Quantum coherence and information Molecular electronics & picotechnology CEMES, LCAR, LCPQ, LPT Single molecule devices, atomic-scale gates, multi-scale quantum chemistry, ultra fast spectroscopy, quantum computer, quantum algorithms, quantum coherence, classical and quantum chaos Out of equilibrium BEC LCAR, LPCNO, LPT Exciton-polariton Bose-Einstein condensation, cold atom Bose-Einstein condensation, superfluidity, tunnel outcoupling, single atom detection IV. Transverse technical platforms Elaboration & characterization CEMES, LPCNO, LNCMI Microscopy, spectroscopies, growth, physical properties measurements Laser techniques LCAR, LNCMI, LPCNO, CEMES Single frequency lasers, femtosecond laser, pulse shaping, ultrashort pulse characterization, pump-probe experiments in gas-phase and with single quantum dots, frequency comb for frequency metrology. Numerical simulations LCAR, LCPQ, LPT, CEMES, LPCNO DFT, TDDFT, quantum chemistry, wavefunction-based and hybrid methods, quantum Monte-Carlo, molecular dynamics, renormalization group (DMRG), exact diagonalization, diffusion of softwares

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