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Henrico County Public Schools

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1 Henrico County Public Schools
RtI Model

2 What is RtI? Basis for RtI—IDEIA 2004
Provides high quality instruction/intervention matched to student needs Offers a comprehensive multi-tiered intervention strategy Enables early identification and intervention Targets students at academic or behavioral risk

3 Multiple-Tiered Model of Service Delivery to Identified Students
Tier I (80-85%)—high quality classroom instruction Tier II (10-15%)—in addition to classroom instruction, small group instruction – 90 minutes per week Tier III (5-10%)—intensive small group instruction—120 minutes per week

4 Tiered Levels of Instruction

5 HCPS Response To Intervention Model
Intervention Model vs. Problem Solving Model Advantages Quality control, small group instruction based on similar areas of concern High degree of fidelity Efficient use of resource allocations Larger numbers—tier intervention

6 What does RtI look like on the elementary school level?
Interventionists- Previous Prime Teachers- Intervention Station, Making Connections, Moving with Math Ongoing Planning/Data Input/Progress Monitoring Technology access

7 What does RtI look like on the secondary school level?
Reading—grades 6-9—Achieve 3000 and Empower/Teen Biz Math—grades 6-9—Carnegie Learning Interventionists—identified classroom teachers May require additional courses

8 Behavioral Strategies – Problem Solving Model
Tier I – School-wide discipline, staff and student training Tier II – Targeted groups, student coaching/mentoring, Check in –Check out, Student Action Plan Tier III – FBA/BIP, Data Driven, Possible referral to Sp. Ed.


10 Contacts
Current Pilots - 11 Elementary, 3 Middle Contacts HCPS RtI Website: Three Year Implementation Pilot Schools Monitor and Adjust

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