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Meal Appeal Factors.

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1 Meal Appeal Factors

2 5 meal appeal factors are…
Texture Shape and Size Temperature Color Flavor

3 Texture How a food is PREPARED affects the way it feels when you chew it. Give me some examples. To add crunch, serve carrots raw rather than cooked. Toast Italian bread slices to serve with a creamy tomato soup +

4 How can this texture be improved?
Before After

5 Shape and Size ADD variety, keep same serving amount, and create different effects from a single food. A carrot can be cut into sticks, Diced, or circles. Tomatoes sliced vertically form wedges. Tomatoes sliced horizontally show a wagon wheel pattern. A whole ear of corn has a different impact from a scoop of corn kernels.

6 How can this shape & size be improved?
Before After

7 Same ingredients right?
Temperature Food’s temperature affects it’s taste and texture, as well as its safety. vs. Same ingredients right? Cold Cheese = Shredded or Sliced Hot Cheese = Melted and Stringy Cold Ice Cream = solid Warm Ice Cream = liquid Think of one example in your group

8 Also remember that the outside temperature affects what food people enjoy. Ice cream stores, after all, are busier in July than in January + = delicious + = yummy

9 Color Select food in a variety of colors. Colorful fruits and vegetables brighten a meal. If the foods you are serving aren’t naturally colorful, find ways to brighten them.

10 How can this color be improved?
Before After

11 Flavor Food flavors should harmonize. Foods in the same meal should keep the taste buds interested, not overwhelmed. Appetizer Meal Strawberry Desert = Lack of Flavor

12 How could this flavor be improved?
Before After

13 What meal appeal factor does this plate lack in?

14 What meal appeal factor do these plates lack in?
Shape and Size

15 What meal appeal factor does this plate lack in?

16 What meal appeal factor does this meal lack in?

17 Menu Planning Principles
Variety Balance Nutrition Flexibility

18 Meal Planning Steps 1. Choose the main dish. Select the staple food.
Ex. Potatoes , rice, noodles, or stuffing. 3. Select one or two vegetables or sides. 4. Choose a salad and a bread. 5. Select the dessert and appetizer.

19 Weekly Meal Planning Planning for the week:
Allows you to make sure you are meeting your nutrition needs Makes grocery shopping easier Is more economical Helps in making meals interesting; actually consider our factors Avoid in food waste

20 Plating Techniques Using Sauces Plate Painting Variety of Shapes
Variety of Temperatures Complimenting Flavors Garnishing Height Crunch Component

21 Bon Appétit!

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