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GHS: South African chemical industry perspective.

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1 GHS: South African chemical industry perspective

2 Outline l South African chemical industry l Project structure l Industry approach l Situational analysis l Gap analysis l Implementation challenges l Useful assistance

3 Chemical industry l Highest manufacturing contributer to GDP l Dominant force in chemical trade in region l Responsible Care since 1994 l SHE issues integral part of sector strategy

4 Industry approach l Strong support for GHS project l Promotion of regional approach l Synergy amongst hazard communication elements l Build international information networks l Value chain partnerships l Link with Responsible Care

5 Objectives of approach l Protection of human health along value chain l Integrated approach at interministerial level to ensure: l Whole value chain covered l Consistent hazard classification across value chain l Consistent hazard message across value chain

6 Study findings l GHS issues covered by 6 national laws and plethora of municipal by-laws l Lack of consistency amongst laws l No formal co-ordination required l Chemical lifecycle not fully covered

7 Industrial production l Capacity for physical testing only l Foreign MSDS not always compatible with SA requirements l Lack of uniformity in MSDS contents from different suppliers l Training and awareness not sufficient

8 Agricultural chemicals l Inserts and labels main source of information l Low literacy level in sector l Decanted chemicals not always labelled

9 Transport and Emergency response l Approach to different modes of transport not harmonised l Lack of cross border harmonisation l Imports not always accompanied by MSDS

10 Consumers l Challenge to industry l Very little legislation l Lack of consumer awareness l Label only source of information l Labels in foreign language l Informal sector l Chemicals decanted for sale

11 Gap analysis l Classification approach not entirely aligned l Physical test methods not fully aligned l Signal words and hazards statements not all aligned l SDS headings not in the same order

12 Implementation challenges l MSDS requirements based on IS0 11041 - GHS different order of headings l Harmonisation of national laws l Improved access to information l Regional harmonisation l Hazard communication along value chain l Product Stewardship beyond first customer

13 Useful assistance l Examples of harmonised regulatory approaches l Best practice in communication along value chain l Access to hazard information l Best practice training modules

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