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RFID d. miller ● c. ichiki ● l. goetzinger ● r. hrdinsky Presented to the Class of BA 471 Winter 2006 Dr. R.F. Reitsma.

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1 RFID d. miller ● c. ichiki ● l. goetzinger ● r. hrdinsky Presented to the Class of BA 471 Winter 2006 Dr. R.F. Reitsma

2 RFID Overview Current RFID Uses Future of RFID RFID Controversy the Layout… ★ point of interest

3 Overview Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) an automatic identification method –uses radio frequency –transfers data between a reader and a movable item Identify Categorize Track

4 Overview… History 1945 – Leon Theremin –Espionage tool for Soviet government –Retransmitted incident radio waves with audio information 1939 – Britain –IFF transponder –Used by allies in WWII to identify airplanes as friend or foe 1973 – Mario Cardullo –Claims U.S. Patent was first true ancestor of modern 1980s – Use of RFID in tracking and access applications appeared –Identification or location information –Price, color, date of purchase, etc.

5 Overview… Tags Contains 2 main parts –silicon chips –antennas 3 Types –Passive –Semi Passive –Active ★

6 Overview… Types Passive –Have no internal power supply –Electrical current inducted in antenna by the incoming signal proves power for integrated circuit in tag to power up and transmit response Semi Passive –Similar to passive tags, with the addition of a small battery –Battery powers the integrated circuit Active –Have their own internal power source –Many operate at fixed intervals –Also called beacons (broadcast own signal)

7 Overview… System Objects equipped with RFID tag –Tag contains transponder with digital memory chip Interrogator: an antenna packaged with transceiver and decoder –emits signal activating tag Reader detects activation signal, decodes the data on the tag’s silicon chip Data passed to host computer Application software on host computer processes data –Physical Markup Language (PML)

8 Current Uses Animal Tracking –cattle and farm animals –pets... ex. Dan's dog Supply Chain Management –Wal-Mart industry leader, frozen food and out-of-stock – Electronic Payment –EZ Pass and FasTrak or Subway Oyster card in London Electronic Toll Collection ★

9 Current Uses… Case Study the old way… loose a key time $$$ new practice… ‘key’ on a wristband antitheft system activate within 6in …Security Access and Convenience… Truck Keys

10 Imagination Time What future products (or services) will use RFID technology? …what are the potentials for RFID… share your WILD examples

11 Future RFID chips in humans get green light FDA approved the country’s first RFID chip to be implanted in humans (Oct.2004 -- MSNBC) Contains patients identity information (blood type, allergies, et cetera) Used for complex treatments Applied Digital (maker of the implantable VeriChip for humans) plans to market the chip for $125 (not including implantation) Video of RFID chip implanted into hand

12 Future… Smart Appliances Washing Machine – Merloni Elettrodomestici (and Italian appliance maker) appliances have RFID readers that enable the machines to communicate with objects – washing machine will read intelligent labels in clothes – a color screen can display messages, like: “This is the first washing [for this pair of jeans] it is advisable to wash them separately” Refrigerator – designed to track each item’s expiry date and display information about its nutritional value Oven / Microwave – automatically set cooking and baking times and temperatures based on instructions from tags ★

13 Future… Money Exploding €uro and $Dollar After 3 seconds in the microwave, new $20 bills and Euro bills popped and burned U.S. $20 bills burned close to Andrew Jackson’s right eye In the Euros', it burned a hole right where the silver strip runs through the notes.

14 Future… Money ( continue) Only happened in certain microwaves (usually older or more powerful ones) The dollars were placed in large stacks Magnetic ink? Foil strip? Size of chip

15 Controversy Medical Regulation Environmental Privacy Religious

16 Controversy… Medical Implant Serious Potential Health Risks RFID for people

17 Controversy… Regulation Frequency issues Discrepancies among Countries EPCglobal

18 Controversy… Environmental Recycling problems -paper -pallet -steel -glass -plastic

19 Controversy… Privacy Unaware Purchasers Linking Merchandise w/ Personal Information Use in the Workplace – Harrod’s ID Theft Profiling CASPIAN ★

20 Controversy… Privacy… Gillette

21 Controversy… Religious Mark of the Beast – Revelation 13:16 … Physical Mark

22 Q&A What are your questions?

23 Sources

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