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Controversy Over The Purchase Chapter 11 section 4 pages 363-364.

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1 Controversy Over The Purchase Chapter 11 section 4 pages 363-364

2 Debate over the Louisiana Purchase Jefferson and other democratic republicans were strict constitutionalists (believed the federal government can do only what the constitution says) The constitution does not give the federal government permission to buy land Jefferson had to have a treaty with France that stated he could purchase the land ratified by congress

3 Federalists Opposition: Federalists feared that the purchase would give the south more power by increasing the number of states that that supported slavery and southern policies They also believed that $15 million was too much to spend

4 Lewis and Clark Expedition Page 364-366

5 Lewis and Clark Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were appointed by Jefferson to explore the new, unknown, territory Both men: – Were scientists – Had done business with the native Americans in the past –Were involved in the army

6 The expedition: The first scientific project in American History They were given specific orders to: –Find the source of the Mississippi River –Find a route across the Rocky Mountains –Observe the customs of the Native Americans

7 Starting out: Lewis and Clark began their journey in St. Louis Missouri They took supplies as well as gifts for the native Americans During their trip they recorded their journey in great detail They also sent back samples of items in the Louisiana Territory

8 Sacagawea: A guide and interpreter for Lewis and Clark Member of the Shoshone Tribe Had married a French trader

9 The Pacific Coast: With the help of Sacagawea and 6 other Shoshone guides, they were able to reach the Pacific Ocean in 1805 They spent that winter in The Oregon Country

10 Return: The following spring they started back towards St. Louis They reached St. Louis in 1806 The entire expedition took 2 years and 4 months It covered almost 8,000 miles


12 The Election of 1804 Page 366

13 The End of Jefferson's First Term: America was: –Prosperous –At peace –2x the size Jefferson easily won reelection He replaced Aaron Burr with George Clinton as Vice President

14 Burr Conspiracy: Burr left the republican part to run for Governor of New York as an independent He sought federalist support but Alexander Hamilton campaigned against him Burr lost the election


16 Hamilton Vs. Burr Hamilton's followers continued to criticize Burr’s integrity Burr challenged Hamilton to a Duel Burr Shot Hamilton who died the next day Burr was put on trial for treason for trying to being a western empire for himself Although acquitted, he left the country shortly after

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