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2 B REASTFEEDING : T HE A DVANTAGES Infection – fighting Ear infections Diarrhea Respiratory infections Meningitis Develop baby’s immune system For premature baby’s, breast milk can also protect against: allergies Asthma Diabetes Obesity Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

3 B REASTFEEDING B ENEFITS C ONTINUED … Nutrition and ease of digestion Called the “perfect food” Lactose Protein Fat All vitamins and minerals that newborns require FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Breast milk doesn’t cost a cent Infants receive antibodies from the mother and are sick less often Fewer trips to the doctor Mother’s taking fewer days off work to care for a sick child Easily digested by newborn’s immature system

4 B REASTFEEDING B ENEFITS C ONTINUED … Obesity Prevention Cannot be over-fed Reduces chances for obesity later in life Convenience Always fresh Always available No bottles to wash and sterilize No warming bottles in the middle of the night Smarter babies Recent studies suggest that children who were exclusively breastfed for 6 months have IQ’s 5 to 10 points higher than children who were formula fed

5 B REASTFEEDING B ENEFITS C ONTINUED … Skin – to – skin contact Nursing mothers enjoy the bonding experience Can enhance the emotional connection between mother and infant BREASTFEEDING GREAT FOR MOM Burn more calories Mom can return to “pre-baby” weight faster Helps shrink the uterus Lower the risk of premenopausal breast cancer May decrease the risk of uterine and ovarian cancer

6 B REASTFEEDING …T HE D RAWBACKS Personal Comfort Time and Frequency of feedings Limiting Caffeine Maternal medical conditions, medicines, and breast surgery

7 F ORMULA F EEDING : T HE A DVANTAGES Convenience Either parent or caregiver can feed the baby a bottle Mother can share the feeding process and the boding that goes with it

8 F ORMULA F EEDING : T HE A DVANTAGES Flexibility No need to… Use a breast pump (can be very time consuming for working moms) Schedule work or other obligations Find a private place to nurse Time and Frequency of Feedings Formula digests slower than breast milk Formula fed babies need to eat less often Breastfed baby: Every 2-3 hours Formula fed baby: Every 3-4 hours Bottle fed baby: often a better sleeper

9 F ORMULA F EEDING : T HE A DVANTAGES Diet Women who opt to formula feed do not have to worry about the food or drinks they consume affecting their baby

10 F ORMULA F EEDING : T HE C HALLENGES Organization and Preparation Enough formula on hand at all times Bottles must be made Formula must be prepared Bottles and nipples need to be sterilized Prepared bottles only last 24-48 hours Must be warmed NEVER heat a bottle in the microwave

11 F ORMULA F EEDING : T HE C HALLENGES Lack of Antibodies None of the important antibodies found in breast milk can be produced in formula Formula lacks extra protection This is most true in the beginning when the colostrum is in. The “newer” formulas that are available are much better than those of the past and some are very close to breast milk.

12 F ORMULA F EEDING : T HE C HALLENGES Expense Formula can be costly Powdered Formula Concentrated Formula Ready to feed $$$$$$


14 F ORMULA F EEDING : T HE C HALLENGES Possibility of producing gas and constipation More gas Firmer bowel movements

15 M AKE AND I NFORMED D ECISION Read the Following Articles: “Breast is Best’ until mom, baby are ready” Use the information from this PowerPoint, from the Jimmy Kimmel video clip, from the articles, and any information you may have prior to this to form your opinion… Write 2 paragraphs describing your opinion: If you had to make the decision to breast feed or not, which would you choose? Take into consideration career choices (full time job and other commitments) that might influence your choice. Also, consider personal comfort with breastfeeding.

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