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WebDFS Budget Amendment and Personnel Processing.

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2 WebDFS Budget Amendment and Personnel Processing

3 WebDFS What is it? –Web-based system for preparing and routing budget amendment and personnel documents What does web-based mean? –The only software required to run Web-DFS is a web browser and a small plug-in to view reports

4 WebDFS Supported Browsers Internet Explorer 5.0 and above Netscape 8.0 or greater

5 WebDFS Data Where does WebDFS get its Data? –The data in WebDFS is pulled from documents being routed through WebDFS and from the mainframe Human Resources, Budget, and Payroll databases –Pulls positions and accounts for which a user is authorized.

6 Types of Documents Two Options: –Budget Amendment Only Document Creates a Budget Amendment –Personnel Document Creates a Personnel Report and Budget Amendment Document or just a Personnel Report Payroll Authorization Only Personnel Document allows you to change only accounts and budget entries Important Tip: –If you start a Budget Amendment Only Document and you need to add a Personnel Report then your only recourse is to “PURGE” the Document and create a new Personnel Document

7 Moving through WebDFS Moving through a Personnel Document Go Where? Menu Options Document Header Employee Information Filled Position Vacant Position Reason Codes Personnel Remarks County Information Budget Amendment Budget Amendment Remarks View/Print HTML Forms

8 Moving through WebDFS Moving through a Payroll Authorization Only Personnel Document Go Where? Menu Options Document Header Payroll Authorization Personnel Remarks Budget Amendment Budget Amendment Remarks View/Print HTML Forms

9 Moving through WebDFS Moving through a Budget Amendment Document Go Where? Menu Options Document Header Vacant Position Budget Amendment Budget Amendment Remarks View/Print HTML Forms

10 Logon Page –

11 Logging In Use your TSO/ IMS UserID


13 Bulletin Board Important Info –Updates to the –system –Downtimes –Training Schedules

14 Main Menu You can see a list of documents that either you created or to which you have access. You can add a new budget amendment document. You can add a new personnel document. You can set up departmental document information as well as automatic document numbering You can run reports.

15 Creating a Personnel Document Scenario –Create a new position for employee. –Terminate employee from new position. –Create a vacant position.

16 Add a New Personnel Document

17 Personnel Document Header Notice the “System Messages” Grayed out fields are completed by the WebDFS system WebDFS is not case-sensitive. Everything is converted to UPPERCASE. The Social Security Number title has a link to a “Pop-Up” page.

18 SSN Pop-Up Can search list or navigate the pages Click a SSN to select it and exit this screen

19 Personnel Document Header The SSN is filled in with the Employee’s Social Security Number that I selected in the Pop-Up window.

20 Personnel Document Header I need to complete the following fields: –Department, Source Code, Action Date, SSN, & Position –Do not check the box for Payroll Authorization Only –Click “Create” –Processing takes several seconds

21 Creating The Document Checks for pending documents Checks that the position SSN matches document SSN Checks for existing document numbers Checks authorization for this userid Program retrieves from mainframe or completed documents: –Employee data including applicant tracking and former employees –Position data including salary, supplement, and payroll authorization –Department information –Generates sequence number if it was left blank

22 Personnel Document Header The “System Messages” box indicates the document was created. Additional fields have been completed by the application

23 Personnel Document Header There were no errors or warnings. –Error - stops the action from happening –Warning – the action was carried out but there is additional information Cannot change SSN, position, or Payroll Authorization Only checkbox once the document is created

24 “GoWhere?” Menu Menu is divided into two sections; separated by a blank line. The top section refers to menu choices that affect the CURRENT document.

25 “GoWhere?” Menu The bottom section (below the blank line) causes you to leave the current document

26 Personnel Header Next we'll go to Employee Information We use the “Go Where?” menu select “Employee Information” and click “GoTo”.

27 Employee Information Contains employee data that was added when the document was created. Document Information Section contains the Fiscal Year, Document Number and Name of the employee for this document. Verify that the data is complete and accurate. Make any necessary changes and click Modify. If employee data was not found, user would need to complete all the fields and click SAVE.

28 Employee Information The “System Messages” box indicates that the changes were saved.

29 Position Information Now we need to edit position information. We will use the “Go Where?” menu to move to the “Filled Position” page.

30 Filled Position Entry List - positions that have been added to the document Entry Detail - to add new data or edit existing data Click radio button to copy data from Entry List to Entry Detail

31 Filled Position Position and Salary data are in Entry Detail for editing. Example - employee is terminating 01/31/05

32 Need to modify ending appointment date and ending salary date and click “modify” to save our changes. Filled Position

33 Updated successfully. Entry Detail cleared. Could add a second position to the document if necessary. Now we need to modify the payroll authorization information for this position. Click on the “Pay Auth” link for the appropriate position.

34 Pay Authorization Document Information including position and salary data is at the top. To edit pay authorization data work in the Entry Detail section – all accounts that were brought in for this position are displayed.

35 Make the necessary changes. You can put the dates in any order that you want and the program will chronologically organizes them on the form. Pay Authorization

36 To have the system calculate Revised Budget and Revised EFT select "System" in the drop down list. "System" is the default for some pay types After making changes to all accounts, click Save Pay Author- ization

37 Pay Authorization System Message indicates update was successful. Revised and Change Budget and EFT have been calculated for any accounts that were changed

38 WebDFS Exercise One (Monthly PayType)

39 List of Documents

40 Document List You may “Search” by fiscal year document number or last name. This page will only display those documents you have authority to see. When you click the radio button off to the left of the document, depending on what kind of document it is you will be taken to either the “Filled Position” page or the “Budget Amendment” page.

41 Go to Vacant Position Next we need to create a vacant “B” position. We use the “Go Where?” menu to select “Vacant Position” and click “GoTo”

42 Vacant Position There are NO rows in the “Entry List” this means that we can only “Add” rows to this page. We will add a Vacant Position by typing our information into the “Entry Detail.”

43 I’ve typed in the information for the “B” position. Now I need to click “Add” to store this information on this page. The position title is completed by the application.

44 Vacant Position The “System Message” indicates that I added the “B” position successfully. Notice that the “Entry Detail” has been cleared and that the row I just added is now displayed in the “Entry List” section.

45 Go to Reason Codes Now I will add the “Reason Codes” to complete the personnel side of this document. We use the “Go Where?” menu to select “Reason Codes” and click “GoTo”

46 Reason Codes At least one “Reason Code” is required on every personnel document. Notice that the “Entry List” is blank, that means that no “Reason Codes” have been added. We need to go to the “Entry Detail” section and add a reason code.

47 Reason Codes We use the “Reason Code” drop down list in the “Entry Detail” to select the “P” reason code for Termination.

48 Reason Codes The corresponding text box is highlighted so that we may add additional information about the termination. We type in the information. Now we click “Add” to add this information to the “Reason Codes” page.

49 Reason Codes The “System Message” indicates that the “Create Succeeded” and our “Reason Code” is now in the “Entry List” If we needed them, we could add additional reason codes. We do not need them for this document

50 Go to Personnel Remarks Next we will go to Personnel Remarks. We use the “Go Where?” menu to select “Personnel Remarks” and click “GoTo”

51 Personnel Remarks You have only a “Save” button on this page. Similar to the “Sequence Numbers” page. Type in a “Personnel Remark” This page will not accept –leading spaces This page will accept –Blank lines Remarks are not case- sensitive Note: There is NO Spell Check…please review CAREFULLY! Add the text and click “Save”

52 Personnel Remarks Notice that the “Save Completed Successfully”

53 Go to Budget Amendment We have completed everything for the Personnel-Side of this document. Now we move on to the Budget Amendment-Side of this document. We use the “Go Where?” menu to select “Budget Amendment” and click “GoTo”

54 Budget Amendment Entry List contains one entry. The program automatically created it based on Pay Authorization entries. –User cannot modify this entry –Need to go back and change Pay Authorization if the entry is incorrect User adds the entry for the offset Total Change EFT and Total Change Amount below Entry List

55 Budget Amendment Can use System or Manual Calculation Funding Source entries are added just like normal budget amendment entries; WebDFS determines if it is a Funding Source when printing the budget amendment. Click “Add”

56 Budget Amendment The entry was added successfully; note that my EFT was calculated. The Budget Amendment now balances to zero. Order of entries in the list: –Automatically generated first –User created budget amendment entries –User created funding source entries

57 Budget Amendment Remarks Next we could go to Budget Amendment Remarks. We would use the “Go Where?” menu to select “Budget Amendment Remarks” and click “GoTo” We would do these exactly like the earlier Personnel remarks

58 Printing Options View/Print HTML Forms


60 Validate the Document Now that we have viewed the document we need to prepare the final draft of the document. “Validate” the document to see if it is ready to be marked “Finished”. Click on “Validate” on any page in WebDFS

61 Validate If there are no errors the user can mark the Personnel Report or the Entire document as Finished. If there are errors, we will need to correct them before we are allowed to mark the document as Finished. After a document is marked Finished, the words "Draft Draft…" are removed from the print-outs.

62 Validate Click “Mark Document as Finished”.

63 Submit Document to Electronic Approval

64 User Message Click “Close” button

65 After Document is Submitted Create another document Go to Main Menu Go to List of Documents Logout

66 Tracking Electronic Documents

67 Documents Routed Electronically

68 Approval Path

69 WebDFS Help Page

70 Help Page




74 Logging Out When we are finished with using the WebDFS system we need to “Logout”

75 Questions? Suggestions?

76 WebDFS Exercise Two (complete Monthly PayType)

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