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Document Formatting Business Letters

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1 Document Formatting Business Letters
CA I Document Formatting Business Letters © 2011 M and K Solutions, LLC -- All Rights Reserved

2 Letters Business letter--A business letter is a formal document used for correspondence with another a business. A business letter should be used when communicating to people outside your company. It will mailed to another person in another company.

3 Acceptable Fonts

4 Letter Parts: Letterhead
The letterhead contains the contact information for the sender. For an individual, it includes the name, address, phone, fax, and . Businesses have preprinted paper with the logo and contact information already printed at the top.

5 Letter Parts: Date Letterhead The current date should be typed 2 or 3 lines below the letterhead. The date should be spelled out. July 6, 2011 Abbreviations should not be used in the date.

6 Letter Parts: Inside Address
The inside address should be entered 3-4 lines below the date. This is the name and address of the recipient. It is the same information that goes on envelope. It includes the name of the recipient and his/her title. It is single spaced. Inside Address

7 Letter Parts: Salutation or Greeting
This line should be Dear _____. Generally use Dear Mr. Joenks: as the salutation. Do NOT use Dear Mr. Pete Joenks: Only use Dear Pete: if you are on first name basis, usually a personal friend of the person. When you do not know the name of the recipient, you can use Dear Sir or Madam: (singular) or Ladies and Gentlemen: (plural). The colon after the salutation is optional. The salutation is typed 2 lines beneath the inside address. Salutation Or Greeting

8 Letter Parts: Body The paragraphs containing the content of the letter is the body. The body begins 2 lines under the salutation. The paragraphs should be blocked, not indented. The paragraphs are single spaced with a blank line between the paragraphs. You should use good grammar in the body. The paragraphs are usually fairly short, often only 2 or 3 sentences, and to the point. Body

9 Letter Parts: Closing The closing is a traditional part of every business letters. It is also called the Complimentary Close. It is typed 2 lines below the last paragraph. The comma after it is optional and should be used when a colon was placed after the salutation. Common closings are Sincerely yours, Sincerely, Yours truly, Closing

10 Letter Parts: Sender’s Name
The name of the sender, or author, of the letter is typed 4 lines below the closing. This leaves a blank space where the sender or author should sign the letter. Do NOT type the signature. The sender’s/author’s title is often typed on the line under his/her name. Sender’s Name

11 Letter Parts: Other notations
These notations are only used when needed.  Typist’s initials Only used when someone other than the sender typed the memo. Enclosure Notation Only used when another item, such as a pamphlet, is placed in the envelope with the memo.  Copy Notation (not shown) Should be used only when a copy of the letter is being sent to another individual. Sender’s Name

12 Parts of a business letter
The six main parts of every business letter: the inside address the date the salutation the body the closing the senders name and title

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