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Craig Dixon Biodiversity Officer, Devon County Council.

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1 Craig Dixon Biodiversity Officer, Devon County Council

2 Devon refinement of the Nature Map SNA profiles. Devon Biodiversity Network Map.

3 SNA profiles (1) Why bother? Nature Map a useful targeting tool. But...simple boundaries are of limited use in planning for nature conservation within them.

4 Bovey Basin SNA

5 SNA profiles (2) Add a level of detail to increase the value of the Nature Map to Devon conservationists and planners. For example, to aid with the LDF requirement to identify sites for restoration or creation of priority habitats.

6 SNA profiles (3) Pilot project. First tranche of just 7 SNAs. Undertaken by consultants.


8 SNA profiles (4) 165 SNAs wholly in Devon. 40 cross-border SNAs. Simple documents.

9 SNA profiles (5) Simple map of each SNA: Existing interest. Broad indication of areas for restoration / recreation.

10 SNA profiles (6) Description of the biodiversity importance and major opportunities for conservation. Up to 5 key nature conservation objectives. Targets – based on Rebuilding Biodiversity methodology and the constraints and opportunities of the individual SNAs. Significant initiatives in the SNA, existing or planned.

11 SNA profiles (7) First step. Pilot project will be assessed. Roll out across a significant number of SNAs in coming years.

12 Devon Biodiversity Network Map (1) Building on the work of the Nature Map, not replacing it. Significant additional areas of interest and potential within the County. Potential linkages and corridors across the County, at varying scales. A vision for Devon’s biodiversity.

13 Devon Biodiversity Network Map (2) LDFs. Budget allocation. Funding bids. Management Plans (e.g. AONBs). Green infrastructure. Adaptation to climate change. LAA.

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