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Baltimore Polytechnic Institute October 13, 2011 U.S. History Mr. Green.

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1 Baltimore Polytechnic Institute October 13, 2011 U.S. History Mr. Green

2 The students will determine to what extent immigrants felt welcomed to the United States by describing the journey immigrants endured Distribute: Chapter 7 Vocabulary Warm-up Question: Read “A Personal Voice” on page 276 and answer the following: 1. What country did Rosa Cavalleri come from? 2. What words would describe how she felt about immigrating to the United States? 4

3 Through the Golden Door Between 1870 and 1920-20 million Europeans arrived in the U.S. Reasons for emigrating poverty, famine, land shortages, religious persecution, political persecution, birds of passage, rising population, scarcity of land for farming Places of origin-Southern and Eastern Europe, Asia, Caribbean Islands and Central America

4 Ellis Island New York City Admitted immigrants from Europe Screened immigrants medically Sent the sick back to home country Angel Island Admitted immigrants from Asia San Francisco Rigorous questioning/screening Immigrants from West Indies/Mexico 200,000 arrived between 1880 and 1920 Jamaica, Cuba, Puerto Rico Came for jobs Mexican population increased from annexation and immigration

5 Immigrants sought out other immigrants from similar backgrounds-ethnic neighborhoods developed Developed neighborhood associations- churches, social clubs, aid Difficult to fit in with native born Americans Nativists believed in a melting pot which blended cultures together-Immigrants did not let go of their culture

6 Nativism-overt favoritism to native-born Americans Favored immigrants from Britain, German and Scandinavian stock Disliked immigrants from Slav, Latin and Asian races Feared Roman Catholics and Jews Chinese Exclusion Act native born did not want Chinese immigrants working for a lower wage Labor groups wanted Chinese restrictions on immigration banned Chinese until 1943-exceptions were students, teachers, merchants, tourists, and government officials

7 Immigrants from…. What were some of the countries they came from? What reasons did they often have for coming to the U.S.? Where did they often enter the United States? 1.Southern and Eastern Europe 2.Asia 3. Caribbean Islands and Central America

8 List the discrimination immigrants faced as they entered and lived in the United States. List the actions taken by the nativists in the U.S. to suppress the lives of the immigrants. To what extent did immigrants feel welcomed to the United States? Explain using evidence from the lesson.

9 Read Chapter 7 Section 2 Begin defining Chapter 7 Vocabulary Prepare for 5 Question Quiz covering Sections 1 and 2.

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