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Solid Geometry.

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1 Solid Geometry

2 Student Expectations 7th Grade:
7.3.6C Use properties to classify three-dimensional figures, including pyramids, cones, prisms, and cylinders.

3 Three Dimensions Solid Geometry is the geometry of three-dimensional space It is called three-dimensional, or 3D because there are three dimensions: width, depth and height.

4 Polyhedron A geometric object with flat faces and straight edges.
a polyhedron is a three - dimensional figure made up of sides called faces, each face being a polygon.

5 Base The lowest part. The surface that a solid object stands on, or the bottom line of a shape such as a triangle or rectangle.

6 Prism A solid object that has two identical ends and all flat sides.
The cross section is the same all along its length. The shape of the ends give the prism a name, such as "triangular prism“ It is a polyhedron.

7 Pyramid A solid object where: * The base is a polygon (a straight-sided shape) * The sides are triangles which meet at the top (the apex). It is a polyhedron.

8 Cylinder A cylinder is a solid object with: * two identical flat circular or elliptical ends * and one curved side.

9 Cone A solid (3-dimensional) object that has a circular base and one vertex

10 Prisms & Pyramids Triangular Prism Rectangular Prism Cube
Type Examples Properties Triangular Prism ● 5 faces 2 triangular bases 3 rectangular faces ● 9 edges ● 6 vertices Rectangular Prism 6 faces 2 rectangular bases 4 rectangular faces ● 12 edges ● 8 vertices Cube ● 6 faces 2 square bases 4 square faces Square Pyramid 1 square base 4 triangular faces ● 8 edges ● 5 vertices Triangular Pyramid ● 4 faces 1 triangular base 3 triangular faces ● 6 edges ● 4 vertices

11 Three Dimensional Figures with Curved Surfaces
Type Example Properties Cylinder ● 2 circular bases ● 1 curved surface Cone ● 1 circular base ● 1 vertex Sphere

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