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Is this right? Challenge

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1 Is this right? Challenge
Solution: SA = (b x h) + (a x l) + (b x l) + (c x l) SA = (6cm X 5cm) + (7cm X 5cm) + (6cm X 12cm) + (6cm X 12cm) 6cm 6cm 5cm 12 cm 7cm Is this right?

2 Your Turn……… Given: a = 7cm b = 8cm c = 11cm height = 7.5cm
length = 9cm Required: Surface Area of Triangular Prism Analysis: SA = (b x h) + (a x l) + (b x l) + (c x l) Solution: SA = (8cm x 7.5cm) + (7cm x 8cm) + (8cm x 9cm) + (11cm x 9cm) = Paraphrase: Therefore the Surface Area of this Triangular Prism is 277 cm³ Your Turn……… 9 cm 7 cm 7.5 cm 11 cm 8 cm

3 Homework Check

4 Introduction to 3.4: Volume of Triangular Prism
Lesson 11 – Friday November 18 100mins

5 Recall Area of a triangle is 1/2 (base X height)
Which is one half the area of a rectangle To calculate Volume of a Rectangular prism Volume = _________ Recall

6 Activity Number everyone 1 to 4
Give students a net for a triangular prism Students are to create a rectangular prism that would fit the triangular prism. Come up with a way to calculate the volume of the triangular prism based on what you know about the area of a triangle and rectangle and volume of rectangular prism You are not allowed to use your textbook for aid. Write down your thoughts of how you came up with the formulas.

7 Formula to calculate VOLUME
Define Volume: __________________________________________________________________________ Formula to calculate VOLUME Of a Triangular Prism

8 Class Example: Area of Base = ____m² Volume = ____m³

9 Class Example #2:

10 Homework: Page 119 – 120 # 1 - 6

11 Reminder: TEST: Wednesday November 23, 2011

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