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FE GCSE Mathematics Enhancement Programme Norma Honey.

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1 FE GCSE Mathematics Enhancement Programme Norma Honey

2 The NCETM aims We aim to: raise levels of achievement in maths and to increase appreciation of the power and wonder of maths ensure all teachers of maths have easy access to high quality evidence-based maths- specific continuing professional development at every point of careers raise the professional status, and the professionalism, of all those engaged in the teaching of maths. 2

3 Background to Enhancement Programme Policy Driver - Gold standard GCSE 244,231 young people (37%) failed to achieve a C in their GCSE by age 16 in 2010. Of these: 93% failed to achieve a grade C by the time they were 18 in 2012 83% did not even take maths GCSE in their post-16 education 3

4 Background to Enhancement Programme Shortage of mathematics teachers At least 2000 extra maths teachers needed? Acknowledgement of potential resource in existing teachers of functional skills / key skills / vocational tutors etc 4

5 Who is the Enhancement Programme for? Teachers/trainers/tutors who: are experienced teachers of 16-19 students are teaching numeracy/functional skills will be teaching GCSE within the year have at least a Level 2 mathematics qualification 5

6 Course content Activities which support teachers to develop their personal mathematics skills to GCSE Higher Level Activities which support participants to explore and develop effective approaches to teaching GCSE mathematics 6

7 Course Content Not a Scheme of Work Not a “workpack” for GCSE students Not a “licence” to teach GCSE maths or train GCSE teachers Not a guide to any particular Awarding Body’s Specification Not a quick fix: at the end of this programme participants will be supported to create an action plan for their further professional development 7

8 Making the Enhancement Programme work The NCETM CETT Trainers Participants Participants’ organisations 8

9 Trainers will provide 6 days of high quality training set up an online community of practice on the NCETM website provide limited support e.g. email between the days of the programme make a judgement as to the appropriateness of the programme, particularly the level of mathematics required, as the programme progresses. recommend delegates for certification at the completion of the programme. liaise with the CETT which commissioned the work. 9

10 Participants will already have experience of teaching mathematics/numeracy/ functional skills etc to 16-19 year olds at level 2 in a Further Education setting be teaching GCSE mathematics now or in near future have a personal mathematics qualification at level 2 be motivated to take part in a 6 day challenging teaching and learning, content based mathematics enhancement programme have support from senior managers and line manager to attend the programme use the NCETM online self-evaluation tools complete tasks between the modules, attend support meetings as appropriate and contribute to the online community of practice. 10

11 Participants’ organisations will agree to the release of staff for the 6 days of the programme provide in house support as appropriate e.g. mentor, regular meetings to share practice and progress. 11

12 CETTs will provide a regional strategic mathematics hub and a mathematics lead to support the delivery of the programme through the Mathematics Strategic Hub (MESH) chair meetings of mathematics stakeholders to communicate and disseminate CPD needs across the region organise cohorts and all of the administration required for them to operate successfully liaise with providers to determine mathematics training needs work in partnership with the NCETM on fulfilling the outcomes of the programme 12

13 The NCETM will provide the first group of PD leads through NCETM Associates liaise with the CETTs through ACETT and in particular the mathematics leads in each region train 60 PD leads by March 2014 set up a community of practice for each cohort of the programme to share experience and practice make the appropriate self evaluation tool available for each participant certificate all participants who successfully complete the Enhancement programme 13

14 The 6-day GCSE Maths Enhancement Programme Day 1 - Introduction to the programme Day 2 - Statistics and probability Day 3 - Algebra Day 4 - Geometry Day 5 - Trigonometry Day 6 – Review of the course 14

15 Statistics Data Representation Details - including links to resources - will be available in the Statistics booklet ~ 15 mins 15

16 Algebra Substitution Details - including links to resources - will be available in the Algebra booklet ~ 20 mins 16

17 Geometry Language of Geometry Details - including links to resources - will be available in the Geometry booklet ~ 30 mins 17

18 Trigonometry Comparing Lengths Details - including links to resources - will be available in the Trigonometry booklet ~ 30 mins 18

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