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NCEXTEND1 Alternate Assessment Training New Hanover County Schools Spring 2013 1.

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1 NCEXTEND1 Alternate Assessment Training New Hanover County Schools Spring 2013 1

2 NCEXTEND1 Alternate Assessments of English Language Arts/Reading 3–8, Mathematics 3–8, and Science 5 & 8 NCEXTEND1 Alternate Assessments of English II, Algebra I/Integrated I, and Biology at Grade 10 NCEXTEND1 Alternate Assessment at Grade 11 2

3 NCEXTEND 1 Assessment Design p.1 Grade-level performance items Measure content standards specified in the North Carolina Extended Content Standards for the –Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics and –The Essential Standards for Science. 15 items (5 ELA, 5 Math, 5 Science) Student has up to two opportunities to respond to each item Items scored on a 0–2 point scale 3

4 Eligibility Criteria p.1 The NCEXTEND1 alternate assessments are designed for students with disabilities who: have a current Individualized Education Program (IEP); are enrolled in grades 3–8/grade 10/grade 11 according to NC WISE; are instructed in the North Carolina Extended Content Standards in ALL assessed content areas; and have a SIGNIFICANT COGNITIVE DISABILITY (i.e., exhibit severe and pervasive delays in ALL areas of conceptual, linguistic, and academic development and also in adaptive behavior areas, such as communication, daily living skills, and self-care). The NCEXTEND1 alternate assessments are designed for students who have a severe intellectual disability; they are NOT designed for students who have a specific learning disability. 4

5 Testing Window and Important Dates p. 2 Window: April 15-19 Testing Plan due to Testing Office April 12-noon –FAX or email to Pickup materials Friday, April 12 th by noon. Materials must be returned by 5 pm Monday, April 22 –Call our office if you’d like to return early. 5

6 Estimated Test Administration Time p. 3 Individually administered to each student No specified testing time – unique to each student depending on needs May be administered in one session, multiple sessions in one day, over several days If student routinely uses Multiple Testing Sessions, document in IEP for planning purposes Breaks may be taken at any time, regardless of documentation in IEP 6

7 NCEXTEND1 Administration Training p.3 Administered individually to each student –Each student has a test booklet into which assessors record answers NEW. –Once testing is complete, assessor submits student responses online. One assessor and one proctor required for each student –Assessor administers the test and interacts with the student and test materials. –Proctor serves as a test monitor, may assist with student needs if needed (e.g., medical). 7

8 Test Administrators/Proctor Requirements p.3 Assessor must –have training in the specific content areas, –be familiar with the NCSCOS Extended Content Standards, –have routine contact with the student being assessed, and –be the student’s primary teacher for the assessed content area. Proctors – Training and statement Proctor must be familiar with the student tested. Proctor may NOT be student relatives.

9 Before Test Day pp. 4-5 TC Trains assessors and proctors. Develops a testing plan that indicates only one student per testing session. Assessors Read Assessment Guide thoroughly. Read and study the Testing Code of Ethics. Read and Study Sample Assessor Scripts. New in Assessment Guide Appendices B-F 9

10 Before Test Day pp. 5-9 Read and Follow test security procedures. –Materials handling –Displays –Testing environment –Proctors Prepare the testing environment. Prepare students for testing. Prohibited items Understanding limitations on assisting students during testing 10

11 Before Test Day pp. 10-12 Misadministrations –School TC and Principal must have current NCID –Samples of testing violations/irregularities 11

12 Before Test Day pp. 12-13 Assessor must review student data in NC Education before first day of test. –Name, school, grade (Disregard the Feb due date) –Enter Anticipated Grade and Achievement Level for each student Students with Disabilities and testing accommodations –TC/Assessor Complete Review of Accommodations form for EXTEND1 12

13 Before Test Day pp. 13-14 Assessor may make student specific adaptations to the NCDPI provided manipulatives. –Assessors must be supervised in a group of three or more designated school personnel, one of which must be school TC. –Objects/student-specific symbols may be substituted for pictures if used routinely in instruction 13

14 On Test Day pp. 14-15 School TC manages distribution and collection of materials. –Materials must be turned in DAILY for students who receive multiple test session accommodation over multiple days. –Assessment Guide per assessor –One assessment booklet per student –One manipulative kit per teacher –Additional materials Pencils/Blank paper Calculator for math Counters, if routinely used 14

15 On Test Day pp.15-17 Follow a uniform Process of Administration –Testing: Do Not Disturb –Quiet environment –Only one student per assessment period –Instructional materials removed/covered –Clear test-taking desk Assessor must review list of reminders on page 16 on the day of testing 15

16 On Test Day: NCEXTEND1 Administration Script in Assessor Booklets must be followed verbatim Sample Scripts available in Assessment Guide appendices – NEW THIS YEAR All items must be present to student in a standardized manner (e.g., response cards lined up the exact same way) All items must be presented to student 16

17 On Test Day: NCEXTEND1 Administration All test items and response choices are read aloud to students by the Assessor All of the Grade 11 assessment is read aloud to students by Assessor 17

18 On Test Day pp.16-17 Positive Reinforcement/Redirection –The Assessor may use the student’s name at any time during testing –Positive reinforcement and redirection techniques (thumbs up, “good job”) may be used to maintain engagement –May not give indication of correct/incorrect response by student Student Emergencies and Restroom Breaks –All test materials must remain in secure room 18

19 Student Responses Students may respond using their regular method of response (e.g., verbally, by pointing, using eye gaze, AT devices) Students have up to two opportunities to respond to each item –If correct on response 1, go to next item –If incorrect on response 1 (or no response), remove card according to Assessor Booklet & give student second opportunity 19

20 Recording and Entering Student Responses Student responses recorded directly in Assessor Booklet No separate Assessor Rating Sheet 20

21 After Testing pp. 18-21 Assessors complete steps on page 18. –Complete the Review of Accommodations form. –Take the Assessment Booklet to the computer to enter student responses in NC Education 2 points for correct answer on trial 1 1 point for correct answer on trial 2 0 points for incorrect answer/no response –Complete Accommodations Provided section in NC Education Return all test materials 21

22 Testing Set-Up Examples* 22 SS ABCABC Assessor Student Proctor *This slide provides two set-up examples; however, there are many other set-up options that may be appropriate for students based on their individual needs.

23 Training Videos The videos were taped during spring 2012 NCEXTEND1 field test administrations. Some of the assessor scripts have changed slightly since the field test, but the general test administration procedures remain the same. Assessors must make sure to follow the script exactly as written in the Assessor Booklet during this spring’s NCEXTEND1 test administrations. These videos can ONLY be used for North Carolina Department of Public Instruction professional development and training for teachers and assessors on the appropriate use and delivery of the NCEXTEND1 alternate assessment. Distribution of these videos is permitted ONLY from local education agency accountability/assessment administrative staff to school administrative staff and from school administrative staff to teachers. Distribution from teachers to teachers is NOT permitted. 23

24 OTISS – System for Reporting Test Irregularities Account set up (NC ID) –Approval procedure –Training/manual TC responsibilities

25 Summary: Using NC Education to Enter Data Testing Office will match assessors. School TC should check students and assessors for accuracy. Prior to testing assessor will review the Student Background Data (SBD), and complete the anticipated grade and anticipated achievement level. After Testing assessor will enter student responses enter the test accommodations that were provided to the student during testing.

26 Questions? Comments? Concerns? 26

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