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School Name Here 2010 NECAP Science Test Administrator Workshop.

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1 School Name Here 2010 NECAP Science Test Administrator Workshop

2 Background: NECAP Science Assessment is  a standards-based test in which students’ performance is compared to standards.  used in Rhode Island’s mandated accountability system required under the No Child Left Behind.  intended to inform classroom instruction by giving detailed feedback about student performance on Grade Level Expectations in Science for the previous grade level.

3 Structure and Format: NECAP Science tests include the following types of items:  Sessions 1 & 2  multiple-choice items (1 point each), which require students to select the correct answer from four possible responses; and  constructed-response items (4 points each), which require students to respond to a question by using words, pictures, diagrams, charts or tables to fully explain their response.  Session 3  Short-answer items (2 points each) and constructed-response items (3 points each), which require students to apply inquiry skills to a scientific situation and respond using words, pictures, diagrams, charts, or tables to show their thinking and explain their response.

4 Test Security  Test Security relies on the professional integrity of everyone in our schools.  All Student Test Booklets and Student Answer Booklets are secure and may not be copied or duplicated in any way or kept after testing is completed.  Using secure test material to prepare students for this test administration is a violation of test security and procedure.  Every school staff person who handles a test booklet or answer booklet will sign an Affirmation of Test Security.

5 Test Security  Test administrators may not  comment on students’ work.  help students in any way except during General Instructions, Student Questionnaire or as specified in the Test Administrator Manual.  prompt students to revise or edit any test questions.  Any concern about breaches in test security must be reported immediately to the principal.

6 Test Security Policies and Procedures Security of Test Materials  On a daily basis, the Test Administrator will count all test materials received from the Principal/Test Coordinator and initial the Materials Record Form.  After testing is completed for the day, materials received from the Test Administrator will be counted and initialed by the Principal/Test Coordinator.  Materials will remain in a secure double locked storage area when not in use.

7 Test Schedule: Administer the tests in the following order at the time specified in your school’s Test Plan:  For Grades 4, 8 and 11  May 18, Science Session 1  May 19, Science Session 2  May 20, Science Session 3 and Student Questionnaire

8 Make up Window  Make up testing can be started immediately after the first testing has begun and can only include what has been tested to date. No student should be scheduled for a make-up session prior to the scheduled administration of that test session.  Make up testing can be administered until May 25.

9 Who should be tested:  All students in grades 4, 8 and 11 that are enrolled in your school as of May 11, 2009 (including ELL in US less than one year) with the following exceptions:  student completed the Alternate Assessment in Science for the 2009–10 school year  students who have a state-approved special consideration. General Rule: If a student can receive instruction at home or in school, the student can participate in the assessment.

10 Test Administrator’s Responsibilities: Read the NECAP Science Test Administrator Manual in its entirety. Become familiar with the Inquiry Task Kit (grades 4 and 8 only) For session III, allow for 15 minutes to set up the Inquiry Task Kits (grades 4 and 8 only) Read the NECAP Science Assessment Protocols for Test Administrators in its entirety. Account for all test materials given to you. Maintain security of test materials between test sessions. Ensure that students use only the test materials assigned to them.

11 Test Administrator’s Responsibilities: Test the group of students assigned to you according to the instructions in the Test Administrator Manual. Meet with the principal/school test coordinator to develop a testing schedule for students who need accommodations. Provide accommodations as determined by the student’s educational team. Return the Affirmation of Test Security to your Principal/Test Coordinator.

12 Test Administrator’s Responsibilities: Prepare your test environment by  posting a “TESTING—PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB” sign on the classroom door.  taking down or covering any content-related materials (i.e. charts, maps, word walls, etc.).  removing reference materials (dictionaries, thesaurus, etc.).  establishing a plan for grouping students for the Inquiry Task  determining the location(s) where the Inquiry Task will be administered  allowing for 15-20 minutes to set up the Inquiry Task Kits for Session 3 (grades 4 and 8 only).

13 Test Administrator’s Responsibilities: Inquiry Task – Session III Grades 4 and 8 ◦ placemats and kits are set up on a flat, horizontal, elevated surface ◦ allow 15 minutes to set up ◦ designed to be used by groups of 2 or 3 students ◦ enough space for kits and each student’s Inquiry Booklet ◦ enough space for students to work comfortably ◦ may need to be done in another than the classroom ◦ must ensure test security when moving test materials between rooms ◦ tap water and paper towels for clean up needed (grade 8 only) ◦ students work alone to answer questions Grade 11 ◦ read a short story ◦ answer the questions about the story

14 Test Administrator’s Responsibilities: Carefully count all materials when received from the test coordinator and returned each day. If there is a discrepancy, notify the principal/test coordinator. Become familiar with the Guidelines for Grouping Students in Session 3 and the Inquiry Task Kits (grades 4 and 8 only). Prior to testing, be sure you have sufficient  Student Test and Answer Booklets and Inquiry Task Kits and Inquiry Booklets (grades 4 and 8 only)  Science Reference Sheets (grades 8 and 11 only)  scratch paper and # 2 pencils.  Large Print and Braille, if needed.  Calculators, if used (grades 8 and 11 only)

15 Test Administrator’s Responsibilities: Check that Student Answer Booklets  have Student ID Labels affixed to the front cover.  with no Student ID Label have student name and birth date bubbled in. Note: There are 2 identical labels provided; one for Student Answer Booklet and one for the Student Test Booklet. The Inquiry Booklet (grades 4 and 8) does not need a label.

16 Test Administrator’s Responsibilities:  Upon completion of testing, be sure to  confirm that no additional pages have been inserted, taped, stapled, pasted, or otherwise attached to the Student Answer Booklets.  record in the “Accommodations Used” section on page 2 of the Student Answer Booklet for students that received accommodations.  bubble in page 2 of the Student Answer Booklet for students that did not complete one or more sessions of the test.

17 Test Administrator’s Responsibilities:  Upon completion of testing, be sure to  scribe Braille and Large Print tests into the regular Student Answer Booklet and be sure that both are returned to the test coordinator.  note why a booklet is being returned via Special Handling (i.e., torn or damaged booklet, responses written in anything other than #2 pencil, computer generated responses, etc.)

18 Test Administrator’s Responsibilities: Upon completion of testing, be sure to  follow the instructions in the Test Administrator’s Manual for delivery to the test coordinator.  ensure that all assessment materials are accounted for and returned to your test coordinator when testing is completed.  complete the Test Administrator Questionnaire.

19 Questions and Answers: Principal: Test Coordinator: Office of Research, Planning and Accountability Angela Bertoldi, 278-2842

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