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Populism and the “Cross of Gold” APUSH - Spiconardi.

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1 Populism and the “Cross of Gold” APUSH - Spiconardi

2 Farmer’s Issues Recalling the Grange Movement, what were the issues farmers were facing in the second half of the 19 th century? ◦ Railroad shipping rates were expensive ◦ Decreasing crop prices ◦ Increased debt ◦ Loan foreclosure ◦ Lack of cash

3 Populist Platform Political DemandsEconomic Demands Direct popular election of U.S. senators Enacting of state laws through initiatives and referendums on ballots Single term for the president Unlimited coinage of silver to increase the money supply Graduated income tax Nationalization of telecommunications and railroads Eight-hour day for workers Federal subsidizing of farming

4 Cross of Gold William Jennings Bryan was a Democratic nominee for the presidential Election of 1896 He delivers a 35-minute speech, which wins him the nomination Read the speech ◦ What are his key points? ◦ Why would farmers support Bryan?

5 "THE SACRILEGIOUS CANDIDATE. No man who drags into the dust the most sacred symbols of the Christian world is fit to be president of the United States." What is the criticism of William Bryan Jennings and his “Cross of Gold” speech?


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